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Group incentive tour: Walking tour. Nezhnaya - Angel Wing

Adrenalin-club — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

40 €

Ф Гл 3
Грот Крыло Ангела 2
Грот Крыло Ангела 1
эд 1
Kamyshanov / Khamyshki / Dakhovskoe / Kamennomostskiy



Days of tour:



15 — 45

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:

Nutrition type:


Best time:

Spring, Summer, Autumn


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Tour "Walking tour. Nezhnaya - Angel Wing". We invite all nature enthusiasts to take part in our two-day tour. You can traverse this route only on foot. On the way, you will meet caves and grottoes, waterfalls, turbulent rivers, and all this on a radial hike. We go light, with small backpacks, a small supply of food and water. You can learn a lot about these places. Few people walked through these paths. Seldom tourists get there. So you have a chance to see Adygea from a new, unknown perspective. During our tour you will find:

  • Active recreation and walks in the woods and in the mountains;
  • The unique grotto Angel Wing, its vaults resemble exactly Angel's wings;
  • Cave Nezhnaya (Tender), strikes with the incredible beauty of fantastic statues inside the halls;
  • Monk Rock - the face of a monk is clearly visible at the top of the rocky outcrops;
  • A granite canyon, - its walls are formed by stones of all shapes. Depending on the lighting and angle of view, they can acquire different shades: light gray, red, yellowish;
  • One of the most picturesque places in Adygea is the waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream - 10 unique and inimitable waterfalls created by nature, located in the gorges;
  • Overnight in tents near the Belaya River under the deep starry sky.

The program can be changed according to the individual request of the group.


  • Full route organization
  • Travel by club bus
  • Local transfer
  • Instructor during the route
  • Tent rental
  • Telescopic poles

Not included

  • Accommodation at the base - 9 €
  • Camping food
  • Additional expenses


2 Days

1 Day

Day program:

We arrive early in the morning at the campsite. We set up tents. Let's have breakfast. You can go to the dining room, but it is better to take porridge, canned food, tea, gingerbread with you (not to waste time).

We leave for the starting point of the route on our bus.

Getting ready. We take the most necessary things, food (prepared at home, i.e. snacks, sweets, sandwiches, water). Rain covers, hats, good shoes (hiking boots are better). We give out telescopic poles to facilitate our walking in the mountains for free. There is enough quantity for everyone. We are all ready and set out on the route.

Hike to the Nezhnaya cave. The starting point of the route is the Nezhnaya Cave, then through the ridge along the trail, we begin our descent to the valley of dolmens. This is an amazing place. Whoever thought that dolmens are located only in the Gelendzhik region, or somewhere on the sea, they were wrong. There are many of them in Adygea. On the way, a unique grotto awaits us - Angel's Wing. Its vaults resemble exactly the wings of an Angel. This is a must-see!

Excursion to the Monk rock. After the excursion in the valley of dolmens, we advise getting to the Monakh (Monk) rock. At the top of the rocky outcrops, the face of a monk is clearly visible. There, on the southern sites in rock niches, the monks made themselves stone cells for living. A spring with cold tasty water will give you energy.

Hike to the Granite Canyon. Near the village of Khamyshki, there are many gorges and canyons, but Granitny is the most beautiful of them. This is one of the most famous sights of Adygea. The majestic and stunningly beautiful Granite Canyon is located on the section of the Belaya River between the village of Khamyshki and st. Dakhovskaya. Its length is about 4 km. A notable feature of the Granite Canyon is that its walls are formed by stones of all shapes. These stones adorn it and mysterious grottoes are visible there. Depending on the lighting and viewing angle, they can acquire different shades: light gray, red, yellowish. Granite is known for its durability, but water and time sharpen any stone, forming intricate shapes.

The way back to the base.

This is where our first day of travel ends. Then a cafe, a hot shower, and an overnight stay at the recreation center. Campfire gatherings, hot tea…

2 Day

Day program:

Breakfast. Packing stuff. Preparing for the hike.

Our club bus takes us to Khadzhokh.

Khadzhokh. Stone pillars and Rufagbo waterfalls. There we see stone pillars. And we leave by the mountain trail to the Rufagbo waterfalls. The views on the trail will certainly delight you.

The waterfalls of the Rufabgo stream are one of the most picturesque places in Adygea. 10 waterfalls created by nature (12 in case of large water), located in the gorges are unique and truly original. An interesting fact is that in the Rufabgo Falls, water falls in different ways. In some waterfalls it is a stormy stream, in others - in a pigtail, in others - in ledges, falling from a low height at a low speed. Everyone is beautiful. Usually, tourists come only to the equipped part. But with our instructor, you will be able to get into the little-visited upper waterfalls. This new route is an opportunity to see beautiful views and take a walk in wild nature, far from the city during sunny weekends.

Lunch at the cafe. After the route, we go to the cafe and getting ready for departure.

Departure to Rostov by a club bus.

2 Days
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