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Group incentive tour: Uzhhorod defile (with a trip to Slovakia)

Anga Travel — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

90 €

Uzhhorod / Lumshory / Uzhhorod / Košice / Uzhhorod / Kosyno / Berehove / Uzhhorod / Rakoshyno / Mukachevo / Chynadiiovo / Mukachevo



Days of tour:



18 — 300

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:

Spring, Summer


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Tour "Uzhhorod defile (with a trip to Slovakia)". Picturesque mountains, unique climate, winemaking and pink snow in April, this is all about Uzhhorod and its surroundings. In the middle of spring, a pink Japanese cherry - sakura blossoms in the city. Uzhhorod has everything to have a tasty, fun and meaningful time. The city is imbued with European charm, and walking along the bridges and embankments along the Uzh, stepping into numerous elegant cafes and restaurants is a quite pleasure. During the tour you will have the opportunity to:

  • Visit a city tour around Uzhhorod;
  • Immerse yourself in the coffee paradise of coffee shops and pastry shops on the banks of the river;
  • Learn the secrets of the Uzhhorod castle;
  • Taste Transcarpathian dishes;
  • Swim in the Lumshory’s vats;
  • Visit Slovakia;
  • Swim in the wine and beer pools, thermal waters of Kosyno;
  • Take a sightseeing tour of the city of Berehove;
  • Walk around the Palanok castle, the castle of the Earl of Schönborn, Saint Miklos, the city of Mukachevo.

Get fireworks of unforgettable emotions during a fabulous trip to Transcarpathia!


  • Travel by bus along the route
  • Accommodation 3 nights in hotels
  • Nutrition: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches
  • Excursion around Uzhhorod
  • Visit to Uzhhorod Castle
  • Tasting of Transcarpathian dishes
  • City tour of Kosice
  • Swimming in the thermal waters of Kosyno
  • Swimming in the wine and beer pools
  • Tasting of Transcarpathian wines and juices
  • City tour around Berehove
  • Excursion to the Holy Intercession Monastery
  • Guided tour of Palanok Castle
  • Guided tour of the castle of the Earl of Schönborn
  • Guided tour of St. Miklos

Not included

  • Personal expenses
  • Bathing in Lumshory’s vats (1 vat from 24 €, for 4 people)


4 Days

1 Day

Day program:

Meeting at the railway station in Uzhhorod with a representative of the tour operator Anga Travel. Transfer to the hotel.

Sightseeing tour around the city of Uzhhorod and a walk along the central street of the city. There is longest linden alley in Europe in Uzhhorod,. And in spring, sakuras blossoms here, so if you are planning a tour to Uzhhorod in spring, you will have the opportunity to admire the blossoming of Uzhhorod sakura. Our cool guides with big love for their hometown and humor will make for you a wonderful excursion around Uzhhorod. You will admire the city's collection of mini-sculptures and immerse yourself in the coffee paradise of coffee shops and pastry shops along the river.

Uzhhorod is called the coffee city. In our free time we will go to get acquainted with Uzhhorod coffee. We will visit several different venues with its pastry shops, beautiful interiors and great coffee. We advise you to visit such coffee shops in the city: "Eat me", "Voto art-café", "Valentin & Valentina Shtefanyo". We definitely recommend trying the "Uzhhorod cake" (very tasty)!

Excursion to the Uzhhorod castle. It holds many secrets. Underground passages connect it with other Transcarpathian palaces, and at night the White Maiden wanders around the castle - the sad ghost of a noble lady. On a guided tour, you will get to know the secrets and history about this castle.

Tasting of Transcarpathian dishes. After working up an appetite, we go to tasting the Transcarpathian dishes - these are 15 dishes, weighing about 4 kilograms, an uzvar and a branded "Slyvovytsia from Grandfather Misha" and all this with humor and songs. There are the dishes you can taste: popryhashka, smoked and salted  following a Transcarpathian recipe; three types of bacon: boiled, with paprika and garlic, smoked and salted; shovdar - smoked leg of a pig (a cult dish of Transcarpathia); paradychkas, vohurkas, oyster mushrooms and sauerkraut; toad legs - frog legs in Perechynske began to be cooked by residents of the village of Turia-Remety, according to legend, they were taught by French soldiers of Napoleon's retreating army; pasolia and banosh; strapachkys (potato dumplings - a Slovak dish) with a sauce of dark forest mushrooms (they are much more aromatic than white ones); split beans; stewed cabbage with meat; hurko - a gypsy dish; piknytsias - smoked and fried sausage.

Swimming in the Lumshory’s vats. One of the entertainments of Transcarpathia is swimming in Lumshory’s vats. It is not only fun and enjoyable, but also rewarding. Therefore, we invite you to take this opportunity. Do not deny yourself the pleasure. Let's go to Lumshory! The highlight of bathing in vats is that the wellness procedure takes place in the open air, regardless of the season. Vat is located by the river and after the procedure you need to swim in cold water. An unforgettable attraction at any time of the year and in any weather!

Check in at the hotel. Cozy rooms are equipped with everything you need for a good rest. You will be very comfortable here. You can dine at the hotel or go for a walk to the city center, where you can admire the evening Uzhhorod and taste Transcarpathian dishes in one of the local venues.

2 Day

Day program:

Breakfast. Departure to Slovakia, to the city of Kosice.

Walk in the city of Kosice. There is a good reason why Slovakia is worth visiting. First, this country has a common border with Ukraine. Kosice is the second largest city in Slovakia. Just in 90 km from Uzhhorod, you can get to a beautiful city that will amaze with its architecture. Kosice is famous for its beautiful historical center and Gothic cathedral, as well as interesting coffee shops and delicious pastries. We recommend the cafe: Republika Vychodu, Čáry-Máry, Smelly cat.

Book an excursion when booking a tour (for insurance and booking seats in the bus). The group leaves on condition of at least 5-7 people. Departure is possible only if you have a biometric passport or visa.

3 Day

Day program:

Breakfast at the hotel.

Swimming in the famous thermal waters of Kosyno. Swimming in the wine and beer pools. The geyser of thermal water in Kosyno is directed to the pools from a well with a depth of 1190 meters. The water temperature is 40-45 degrees centigrade. The thermal complex is located on a mineral water plume, which extends over the territory of many more European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Serbia, Croatia).

When visiting thermal pools, you need to understand that you have no contraindications for staying in thermal water (visit the official website of the Kosyno resort). We recommend to have with you: rubber slippers; swimsuit / swimming trunks; 2 towels, preferably a rubber cap on your head.

Tasting of Transcarpathian wines and juices for children in the wine cellars of Berehove.

Sightseeing tour around the city of Beregove. Free time.

4 Day

Day program:

Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out from the rooms.

Departure for the excursion program.

Holy Protection Monastery. 14 types of cheese are made here. Only natural Transcarpathian products: feta cheese, budz, vurda, made according to traditional technology, as well as real Italian cheeses - mozzarella, scamorza, mukkina and ricotta. All products will be available for purchase.

Sightseeing tour to Palanok Castle.

Transfer to the elegant hunting castle of the Earl of Schönborn. An excellent example of neo-gothic and renaissance architectural styles. There we will take a walk and collect delicious water from a natural source (it is advisable to have an empty bottle for water from a rejuvenating spring with you).

Tour of Saint Miklos - the castle of love.

Free time in the city of Mukachevo.

Transfer to the railway station Mukachevo.

4 Days
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