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Group incentive tour: Tour to Yagotin: Bilokur estate and Zakrevsky pyramid

Yastrub-Tour — Organizer Group incentive tour

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30 €

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Kyiv / Bogdanovka / Yahotyn / Berezova Rudka / Kyiv



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14 — 80

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All the year-round


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Tour to Yagotin: Bilokur estate and Zakrevsky pyramid. Touch the historical heritage of our ancestors, get a lot of positive emotions and impressions, and much more! All this is available on our tour. At first glance, Yagotin is a small town, but its historical heritage is unique in its originality.

There was a Cossack settlement on the Supoy River. On its territory there is a unique Dobranicheskaya site - the dwelling of primitive people founded 12 thousand years ago. An archaeological museum is now functioning at the excavation site, where the living conditions of primitive people are reliably simulated. In the showcases of the museum, the tools of the work of primitive people, things of everyday life of the inhabitants of the camp are exhibited. A female statuette made of amber is of particular value.

The heyday of Yagotin's cultural life falls on the reign of K. Razumovsky, the last hetman of Ukraine. At this time, Yagotin became a real "cultural center". In the wings of the prince's estate, a lot of well-known outstanding figures of art have repeatedly stayed: T. Shevchenko, M. Gogol, E. Grebinka, G. Skovoroda, O. Kapnist, V. Lukashevich, V. Sternberg, N. Markevich, and others. During our tour you will find:

  • The estate of one of the most famous artists of Ukraine - Ekaterina Bilokur and her beautiful creations;
  • The famous tomb of the Zakrevsky family - the Egyptian pyramids in the Poltava region;
  • The palace and park complex, founded by the hetman of Ukraine Kirill Razumovsky in the 18th century;
  • The Taras Shevchenko Wing Museum is one of 7 departments of the Yagotynsk State Historical Museum. 


  • Transport support along the entire route
  • Administrative support
  • All entrance fees in the tour
  • Tour guide service
  • Complex lunch
  • Insurance


1 Day

Organizational program:

08:15 - Departure of the group from Kyiv.

Excursion program:

11:00 - Bilokur’s estate.

The first object that we will see on our journey will be the Bilokur manor house. The fate of this wonderful woman was not easy, and the path to creativity was strewn with thorns. From the very childhood, she showed a talent for drawing, but the lack of education (school) did not allow her to enroll in art training. But, in spite of everything, Bilokur was able to realize her talent in art. Her works were exhibited in Paris, and the legendary Picasso spoke of them like this: "If an artist of this level worked in our country, we would make the whole world talk about her"! Our professional guide will tell you more about the work and the fate of this amazing woman.

12:30 - Zakrevskys palace complex.

The highlight of our trip will be the Zakrevsky palace complex in the village of Berezovi Rudki, with a visit to the pyramid - tombs. I. Zakrevsky was the ambassador of Russia to Egypt in tsarist times, and he became very interested in Egyptology. He decided to erect a tomb in the form of an Egyptian pyramid next to his mansion. There is a sculpture of the goddess of fertility Isis, which I. Zakrevsky brought from Egypt. The pyramid reaches 9 meters. Inside, it is decorated with Egyptian paintings and biblical sayings. What secrets does this marvelous building keep? Our guide will tell you about this.

14:00 - Lunch at the cafe.

15:00 - Palace and park complex of the Razumovsky-Repnins.

In the 18th century, a palace and park complex was laid by the hetman of Ukraine K. Razumovsky on the shore of Lake Supoy. The manor buildings of this complex, which have survived to this day, became part of the Yagotynsky State Historical Museum.

Taras Shevchenko lived here in 1843. His favorite gazebo is in the park, and a museum has been created in the wing where he stayed. There were rumors that Taras Shevchenko was in love with the daughter of Prince Repnin-Volkonsky - Varvara and dedicated the poem "Trizna" to her. In the part of the palace, the personal belongings of the Razumovsky-Repins are collected. An art gallery is also located there. From the Repnins collection, the most popular and valuable is the painting "Blind with a Boy". You can see the works of the artist K. Bilokur.

In front of the palace there are monuments to K. Bilokur, S. Richter, M. Gogol.

The Yagotin Historical Museum (1960) is located in a complex of ancient buildings of a distillery (XIX century) in the very center of Yagotin. The 14 halls house collections of archaeological finds that date back to the earliest times of the Neolithic era, Trypillian culture, Slavic times, the period of Kievan Rus, the Cossack era, as well as household items, tools, jewelry of the 17th-18th centuries, products of applied art of the 19th - 20th centuries The collection includes 5 thousand exhibits.

Next to the palace complex, there is a park of national importance, which will also surprise you with its beauty.

18:00 - Departure to the capital.

20:00 - Approximate time of arrival in Kyiv.

1 Day
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