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Group incentive tour: Tobavarchkhili Lakes

Climbing Georgia — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

864 €

Ф Гл
Kutaisi / Martvili / Mukhuri / Skuri / Anaklia / Kutaisi



Days of tour:



4 — 60

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:

Spring, Summer, Autumn


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Tour "Tobavarchkhili Lakes". Tobavarchkhili lakes are located in the south of the Egrisi mountain range in the Samegrelo mountain region and are one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Georgia. Tobavarchkhili lakes are located in an array of rocky mountains at an altitude of 2500-2650 m. During 45 km trekking you will:

  • See unique deciduous forests, alpine and subalpine meadows, waterfalls, amazing snow-covered passes;
  • Get to know the lifestyle of nomadic shepherds that will leave you with an unforgettable experience;
  • You will admire one of the most visited places in Georgia - Martvili canyon;
  • Explore the picturesque lakes of Tobavarchkhili;
  • Climb Mount Chitagwala if you wish - 3225 m;
  • Travel through the beautiful gorge of the Magana River, rich in endemic plant species and mixed forests;
  • See the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Gelati Monastery and Bagrat Temple.

The best period for trekking Tobavarchkhili starts in mid-June and lasts until mid-September.


  • Transfer from/to the airport
  • Transfers by minivan
  • Transportation of luggage by horses during the hike
  • Guide and trekking assistant services
  • 7 nights in tents (all necessary equipment is provided)
  • One night in Kutaisi at the hotel
  • One night in Anaklia at a guesthouse
  • Three meals a day during the tour (excluding the first day)
  • First aid medication
  • Entry tickets


9 Days

1 Day

Day program:

Meeting at the Kutaisi international airport and transfer to the Kutaisi hotel. (A meeting is also possible at the international airport of Tbilisi).

2 Day

Day program:


After breakfast, a group of tourists will meet the guide and his assistant. Inspection of tourist equipment.

The group will go by minibus to the village of Mukhuri. On the way, tourists will stop at one of the most visited places in Georgia - Martvili canyon (Gachedili).


After lunch, we leave by truck from the village of Mukhuri to the campground (due to poor road conditions, it takes 3-4 hours to overcome a 34 km section of the road). On the way, you will visit Shurubumu Cave, Gunji Waterfall and the stunning Kobistskali River Gorge. 

In the evening we will meet with local horse breeders, set up a tent, light a fire, have dinner and rest.

The journey by truck is 32 km (3 hours). Hiking - 1 km (20 minutes).

3 Day

Day program:


After breakfast, we will go along the path to the small lake Tobavarchkhili. On the way, guests will see the most beautiful panoramic views - forests and alpine meadows, and amazing snow-covered passes.

During the trek, the group will stop for a snack.

The camp will be set up near the small lake Tobavarchkhili, where travellers can swim, explore and enjoy breathtaking views of the lake's surroundings.

Dinner and well-deserved rest await you in the evening.

Hiking - 9 km (4-6 hours).

4 Day

Day program:


After breakfast, the group will go to the large lakes of Tobavarchkhili. On the way, we will see a picturesque rock massif and a pass connecting the small and large Tobavarchkhili lakes. 

The camp will be set up near the large lakes of Tobavarchkhili, where we will have lunch, explore the surroundings of the lake and admire the enchanting sunset.

Dinner and necessary rest await travellers in the evening.

Hiking - 4 km (2-3 hours).

5 Day

Day program:


Hike to explore the surroundings of Tobavarchkhili. We will visit and enjoy amazing views of the Didgele, Kaliashi and Tsakatskali lakes. From here, travellers can see the well-known mountains of Svaneti, as well as the highest peak in Europe - Elbrus. Climbing lovers can get to the top of Mount Chitagwala - 3225 m (difficulty level B-2). 

In the afternoon we will return to the camp.

Dinner, free time to relax.

Trekking - 5 km (3-5 hours).

6 Day

Day program:


After breakfast, we will go down the trail to the homes of local nomadic shepherds. On the way, we will explore the fascinating Toba waterfall.

We will dismantle the camp near the shepherd's dwellings, where we will have lunch. Local shepherds will treat us with organic products and incredibly delicious Megrelian dishes - elardzhi, gebzhalia, gomi with sulguni cheese, goat barbecue.

Trekking - 5 km (2-4 hours).

7 Day

Day program:


Trekking along the beautiful gorge of the Magana River, rich in endemic plant species and mixed forests.

We will spend time in the camp at the confluence of the Magana and Jalar rivers. Here we set up tents, dine and relax.

Trekking - 9 km (4-5 hours).

8 Day

Day program:


After breakfast, travellers will head to the summer pastures of "Kirnakhon". From here, you can see the incredibly beautiful lowlands of the ancient and legendary Colchis. 

Here we will have lunch.

Then we will go down by truck to the village of Skuri.

From the village of Skuri we will be picked up and taken to the coastal town of Anaklia, famous for its electronic music festivals.

Travellers will have dinner in Anaklia before heading to the beach.

Overnight at a guest house in Anaklia.

Hiking - 11 km (4-6 hours). Transfer by truck is 18 km (1 hour). Transfer by minivan - 65 km (1 hour 30 minutes).

9 Day

Day program:


The group will go by minivan or minibus to Kutaisi. Guests will visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Gelati Monastery and Bagrat Temple.

After lunch, travellers will see the wonderful Prometheus Caves, which is about 30 minutes drive from Kutaisi.

Farewell dinner in the evening.

Transfer to the airport.

9 Days
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