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Group incentive tour: Stylish city "Z"

Anga Travel — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

53 €

Запорожье обр
хортица обр
Запорожская Сечь2
Запорожская Сечь 4
Запорожская Сечь обр5
Запорожская Сечь
Запорожская Сечь обр
Запорожская Сечь обр 3
Запорожская Сечь обр4
Запорожская Сечь 5
Запорожская Сечь 3
казацкого боя обр
промыслы 2
Музей ретро-автомобилей Фаэтон
Музей ретро-автомобилей Фаэтон 2
Музей ретро-автомобилей Фаэтон 4
Музей ретро-автомобилей Фаэтон 5
Музей ретро-автомобилей Фаэтон 3
Музей Техники Мотор Сич
Музей Техники Мотор Сич обр 3
Музей Техники Мотор Сич обр2
на казацкой Чайке по Днепру2
Zaporizhzhia / Zaporizhzhia



Days of tour:



18 — 300

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:

Spring, Summer, Autumn


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Tour "Stylish City Z". Zaporizhzhia is a unique city with a long history. Historical, cultural and industrial center of the country. Homeland of the Cossack freemen, aristocratic Alexander fortress and buildings of the Bronze Age. The pristine nature and sacred sanctuaries of Khortytsia are intertwined in a unique combination with European industrial giants and a variety of architecture of the 18th-19th centuries. Breathtaking panoramas. Facts that influence the course of the country's history. A wonderful adventure awaits you:

  • History and legends about the Cossacks;
  • Europe's largest museum of vintage cars;
  • Legends of the mysterious island of Khortytsia;
  • The ability to take a photo with real Cossacks.

During our tour you will be transported to the times of the Cossacks and be inspired for new feats!


  • Travel by bus along the route
  • Accommodation: 1 night in a hotel
  • Nutrition: 1 breakfast
  • Sightseeing bus tour around Zaporizhzhia

Not included

  • Personal expenses
  • Entrance ticket to the historical and architectural complex "Zaporizhzhia Sich" - 1.5 € / adult, 1 € / child
  • Entrance ticket for the performance of the Sich Cossacks - 3 € / adult, 2 € / child
  • Nutrition: 2 lunches 6 €, 2 dinners
  • Entrance ticket to the "Phaeton" vintage car museum - 2.5 € / adult, 1.5 € / child
  • Entrance ticket to the Museum of Technology "Motor Sich" - 0.3 € / adult, 0.15 € / child
  • Walk on the Cossack Chaika (ship) along the Dnipro - 5.10 € / person


2 Days

1 Day

Day program:

Arrival to Zaporizhzhia.

Sightseeing bus tour around Zaporizhzhia. The tour will start at the station square - this is the beginning of Soborny Avenue, the main street of the city and one of the longest avenues in Europe. The avenue boasts historic buildings, modern houses, parks and even industrial plants. And all this on one street! Imagine how many interesting things there are in Zaporizhzhia!

Historical and architectural complex "Zaporizhzhia Sich". Zaporizhzhia is a friendly city, so we immediately pave the way to the heart - the island of Khortytsia! The largest island on the Dnipro and right here the Zaporizhzhia Sich is. Historical and architectural complex generalizing the image of all eight Zaporizhzhia siches, created on a scientific basis. We will visit the loophole, the exhibition "Traditional crafts of the Cossacks", the exhibition "Cossack Mamai and the Cradle", the House of the Koshevyi Otaman, the Military Chancellery, the exhibition "Cossack Camp". On the territory of the Sich there is a functioning Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Performance of the Sich Cossacks. After watching the Zaporizhzhia Sich, we advise you to visit the reconstruction of the Cossack battle, where you can get acquainted with the Cossack weapons and see with your own eyes how it was used in battle.

Free time on the island Khortytsia.


Museum of retro cars "Phaeton". The museum is one of the 20 largest technical museums in Europe. In 2013, it was recognized as the largest collection of retro technology and entered in the Book of Records of Ukraine. Today it is more than 200 units of equipment. The museum presents not only cars, but also a collection of weapons, bicycles, motorcycles and even a plane and tank!

Check-in at the hotel "Theatrical" or similar. Free time. Dinner.

2 Day

Day program:

Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out from the hotel.

Museum of Technology "Motor Sich". This is a collection of unique expositions presented by samples of aircraft engines, a collection of motorcycles of domestic and foreign production, an exposition of hunting weapons, as well as a private collection of samovars. Almost the whole world cooperates with this multi-thousand enterprise. It is here that metal birds are made, which soar in the sky and carry millions of tourists on their wings every day.


Walk on the Cossack Chaika (ship) along the Dnipro. You have a unique opportunity to plunge into the Cossack times and pass the waters of the gray Dnipro - Slavutych, as our ancestors, the Zaporizhzhia Cossacks, once traveled along it.

Transfer to the railway station.

2 Days
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