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Business Tour: Speleo-tour "Gypsum caves of Podillya"

Wildtour — Organizer Business Tour

Tour price:

119 €

Ф Гл 1
Ф Д2 Ф7
Ф Д3 Ф2
Ф Д2 Ф6
Ф Д2 Ф5
Ф Д2 Ф1
Kyiv / Zavallia / Krivche / Korolevka / Bilche-Zolote / Mlynky / Kyiv



Days of tour:



7 — 300

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:

All the year-round


Moderate, Intensive
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Speleo-tour "Gypsum caves of Podillya". You will find a unique journey into the underground, new unforgettable impressions, acquaintance with the magical world of caves and their unique beauty. The caves are called the eighth wonder of the world, the kingdom of the night. We offer you an unforgettable speleo-tour through five unique gypsum caves in Podillya. During our tour you will find:

  • Cave "Atlantis", which is considered one of the most unique and original gypsum caves in the entire CIS;
  • Cave "Kristalna" - it is 23 km long, with stone pyramids, stone icicles, bizarre gypsum outgrowths resembling various animals, with a carpet of gypsum white, cream, and pink-amber colors crystals;
  • Optimistic Cave- the second-longest cave in the world;
  • Cave "Verteba", which, according to scientists, in ancient times hosted the Trypillian settlement;
  • Cave "Mlinka", where the sea splashed millions of years ago, and fish swam in the intricate labyrinths of the cave.


  • Travel from Kyiv and all transfers along the route by minibus
  • Meals (the first and second day - three meals a day, the third day - two meals a day)
  • Speleological excursions according to the program
  • Jumpsuit and flashlight rental for visiting the Atlantis cave
  • Services of instructor-guides
  • Accommodation in cave shelters

Not included

  • A jumpsuit (0.8 €) and a headlamp (0.8 €) rental to visit the "Mlynki" cave
  • A helmet with a flashlight (1.5 €) and a jumpsuit (1.5 €) rental for visiting the "Optimistic" cave


1 Day
2 Day
3 Day

Organizational program:

23:00 - An evening departure from the Shulyavskaya subway station near the T-34 tank. Travel by minibus converted for long trips - Mercedes Sprinter Wildtour (folding and sleeping seats, large luggage compartment, TV + DVD, GPS navigator, 220 V socket + USB output for recharging cameras and mobile phones).

07:00 - Arrival early in the morning to the village Zavalye in the Khmelnytsky region.

07:30 - Invigorating coffee and light breakfast before entering the cave.

08:30 - Meeting the guides, safety briefing.

Excursion program:

09:30 - Speleo-excursion in the "Atlantis" cave. The duration is about 4 hours.

The cave "Atlantis" stretches more than 2500 m underground. The clear sculptural forms of passages and halls, located in three tiers, and a large number of crystals of bizarre shapes and colors put this underground palace next to the most unique and original gypsum caves not only in Ukraine but also in CIS! Crystals appear before travelers in mysterious objects, which are reflected in the names of grottoes and halls - Red Poppies, Starry Night, Snow Queen, Tenderness, Flowers, Golden Autumn, Temple of the Gods.

14:00 - Hot lunch.

15:00 - Transfer to the village Krivche.

16:00 - Inspection of the equipped cave "Crystal". The duration is about 1.5 hours.

The length of this cave is 23 km, we will walk 2.5 km. The route begins with a 500-meter "Entrance Corridor" whose walls sparkle with gypsum that looks like fern leaves. Then we go to the "Rocks" hall, where stone pyramids are scattered on the floor. Then we will see the Corridor of Stone Icicles with bizarre gypsum outgrowths hang from the ceiling. And in the Zoological Hall, plaster casts resemble various animals. Passing the Comin hall, we head to the carpet of plaster crystals of white, cream, and pink-amber colors, covering the walls of the Crystal Corridor. On the way back we will meet "the owner of the cave - the Stone Buffalo".

18:00 - Transfer to the village Korolevka, where the cave "Optimistic" is located, settlement and dinner at the cave shelter.

1 Day
2 Day
3 Day
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