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Group incentive tour: Saronicos. Voyage on catamarans — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

990 €

Ф Гл 13
Ф Гл 2
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Ф Гл 12
Athens / Moni Island / Poros / Vathy / Epidavros / Aegina / Athens



Days of tour:



24 — 40

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:

Spring, Summer, Autumn


Easy, Moderate
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Tour "Saronicos. Voyage on catamarans".

Dates: from 9 to 16 October. 

The cost of catamarans:

Lagoon 39 - 990 EUR per person

Lagoon 42 - 1200 EUR per person

Lagoon 500 - 1600 EUR per person

This unforgettable 8-day cruise in the warm Aegean Sea will introduce you to the picturesque Greek islands. You will enjoy the beautiful waters of the Saronic Gulf, swim in the crystal clear azure sea, admire the incredible nature of the Mediterranean. This is real solitude and merging with nature. We will stroll through the picturesque streets of Poros, visit old taverns and modern bars, walk through dense orange groves and pomegranate gardens and relax in Aegina style. During our tour you will find:

  • A unique island of Moni, the only inhabitants of which are bright-coloured peacocks and tame deer;
  • A walk around the Methana island on an electric bike, we will find out which of the island's volcanoes is active;
  • Swimming in open-air hot thermal springs;
  • Ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon - the ruler of the deep sea;
  • Vati Bay, a traditional fishing village where time stands still like the lava of a volcano;
  • Walk to the volcano crater with unforgettable panoramic landscapes;
  • An ancient city sunken 2000 years ago that you can explore by snorkelling;
  • Ride ATVs or mopeds through the winding streets of Aegina.


  • Accommodation on comfortable catamarans in double cabins
  • Services of professional licensed Greek skippers
  • Inflatable mattresses and chairs
  • Motorboat for comfortable disembarkation on the shore and beaches
  • Electricity
  • Cleaning
  • Skipper

Not included

  • Flight Kyiv-Athens-Kyiv (we will help to book)
  • Transport costs from/to the marina
  • Food
  • Refundable deposit/guarantee for the safety of the catamaran
  • Excursion program around the islands
  • Gas stations
  • Port dues


8 Days

1 Day

Day program:

Rent the catamarans, purchase provisions in Athens.

Overnight at the marina.

2 Day

Day program:

Moni Island. At about 15:00 we will leave the bustling Athens and sail, enjoying the beautiful waters of the Saronic Gulf, to an uninhabited island. Our journey will take 4 hours.

On the picturesque island of Moni, colourful peacocks and tame deer are waiting for us - the only inhabitants of the island who will happily eat the treats from you.

Here we will swim a lot in the crystal clear sea of ​​azure colour with a comfortable temperature of +25, enjoy the smell of pine needles and rocks heated in the sun. This is a real solitude and merging with nature.

Overnight stay: you can admire the sea plankton sparkling at night and enjoy the wonderful sound of the waves.

3 Day

Day program:

From Moni, we will go to Methana Island. In an hour and a half, we will arrive at the island with its two steep slopes - this is a volcano born from the sea, or rather, 32 volcanoes.

Here we will have a walk around the neighbourhood on an electric bike, during which we will find out which of the island's volcanoes is active.

Then we will follow in the footsteps of historians to the ancient city of Methana or rather the paws of local fat cats to the fishing village of Agios Georgios.

Relax in the evening after exercises in the open-air hot springs, counting the countless stars in the night sky.

4 Day

Day program:

We leave for the island of Poros - a favourite destination for all our skippers.

On the island, we will visit the ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon - the ruler of the deep sea.

We will be able to swim and relax on the beautiful beaches, there are many for every taste - well-groomed with sun loungers, wild with nudists ...

Old taverns and modern bars with billiards, bartenders with an English accent, and backgammon for a life-and-death battle await us.

We will also walk along the picturesque streets in the style of the Cyclades, whimsically winding up to the clock tower, which offers the most beautiful view of the bay.

5 Day

Day program:

Today our short journey goes in a small, little-known bay called Vati. This is a traditional fishing village. Time did not even stop here - it stalls like the lava of a volcano.

Here we will find steep cliffs - almost like the Norwegian fjords, only with a soft Greek accent, full of sunshine, turquoise sea and tantalizing smells from traditional taverns.

We will also have a walk to the crater of the volcano, climbing to which it is so easy to imagine that somewhere on a nearby mountain the ancient gods live. Here you can take wonderful panoramic photos.

6 Day

Day program:

Atlantis in Greek. After a short walk, we will find ourselves on the mainland of Greece, on the Peloponnese, in the ancient city of Epidaurus.

Lush orange groves, pomegranate orchards and lemon trees await you here. You will be able to eat plenty of delicious juicy fruits.

You can feel like Jean-Jacques Cousteau, as we will sail to the ancient city sunk 2000 years ago, which can be easily explored just by snorkelling.

Time to turn on your imagination and imagine how in the ancient amphitheatre the Greeks sang the praises of Dionysus, the god of wine. Nothing prevents you from paying tribute to him - the place has been tested for centuries.

7 Day

Day program:

Aegina. In our travels, we are used to looking for places where locals go, not tourists. Aegina is a resort for the Greeks; on weekends, a third of the inhabitants of Athens move here.

Here we will rest in Aegian style. A feeling of speed and an adrenaline rush awaits us while riding ATVs or mopeds through the winding streets.

We will walk to the famous monastery of Saint Nektarios, located on a hill, from where you can enjoy stunning panoramic views.

We will visit the fish market in the centre of Aegina.

8 Day

Day program:

In the morning we leave the port of Aegina, go around the western promontory of the island and head for Athens.

Arrival in Athens. We return catamarans, thank the skippers for an incredible journey and go home.

8 Days
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