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Group incentive tour: Park trio: Radomyshl, Korostyshev, "Dobropark"

Anga Travel — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

20 €

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Лютеранская кирха 1 обр
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Киностудия Victoria Film Studios 2 обр
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Kyiv / Korostyshiv / Radomyshl / Motyzhyn / Hurivshchyna / Kyiv



Days of tour:



18 — 300

Departure point:


Arrival place:


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Best time:

Spring, Summer


Easy, Moderate
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Tour "Park Trio: Radomyshl, Korostyshev, "Dobropark". The unique majestic castle, inimitable landscape parks, the secret of making paper, the scent of lavender fields, the Petunia Garden and the fairytale "Disney Castle" near Kiev. It's all about our tour whereby you will:

  • Take a walk in Korostyshevsky Park;
  • See the Lutheran Church and the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
  • Visit the Radomysl Castle Museum;
  • Visit the paper factory for the printing house of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra;
  • Watch the papermaking show;
  • Visit the Home Holy image Museum;
  • Explore the Dobropark;
  • See the analogue of the Disney castle.

Interesting? So join us!


  • Travel by bus along the route
  • Excursion to Korostyshivskyi Park
  • Excursion to the historical and cultural complex "Castle-Museum Radomysl"
  • Paper making show
  • Entrance to the Home Holy image Museum
  • Excursion to "Dobropark"

Not included

  • Nutrition
  • Personal expenses


1 Day

Day program:

Gathering the group near the metro station Akademgorodok. We recommend taking on the tour: comfortable shoes, an umbrella, water, snack / lunch, napkins.

Korostyshiv. We go to the city on granite - Korostyshiv -the beauty here is created by man and nature in tandem and it is a unique feature of this park. Korostyshivskyi Park is located on the left bank of the Teterev River, its green landscapes are breathtaking, and the sculptures inspire. A real sculptural town has been created here: you can find granite Steve Jobs, Einstein, Moses, Skovoroda, the Klitschko brothers and many other personalities and characters. This is a place where you can stroll and relax, admire the sculptures made from local granite, its author is the local artist Vitaly Rozhik, and simply admire the landscapes of the Teterev River framed by green trees. The park was founded in 1820 by the owner of the land, Olizar. At the time when the city was ruled by the Olizars, Korostyshiv was considered one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. Count Olizar turned the family castle into an extremely beautiful, luxurious palace, and laid out a beautiful park around it. Here we will see such interesting sights as the Lutheran Church and the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The architecture of the church belongs to the Baroque style of the times of Louis XIV, and there was a two-story palace of the Olizar dynasty nearby. Unfortunately, the beautiful building has not survived to this day, and tourists can only look at its remains - the former palace bath and several columns.

The sights of Korostyshiv with their mystery and uniqueness attract tourists from all over the country, because you will not see such places as here anywhere else.

Radomyshl. The unique historical and cultural complex "Castle Museum Radomysl" is an architectural and historical pearl of the Polissya region. In 1612, a "papirnya" was built in this place - a paper factory for the printing house of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

Did you know that paper in the seventeenth century made by hand. And it took about three months to get 1 printed sheet of paper. To do this, prepare a special decoction of flax fibers, which was insisted for about a month and constantly stirred. Then it was necessary to make a form and embossing, the sheets were dried and only then the text was printed. The first published book in Kiev was made with this paper - "The Hourglass".

We will be members of papermaking show, and it will be held in a paper mill which works on equipment that was used in the 17th century!

The Castle has a unique museum - the only home holy image museum in the world! The icons date back to the XVII-XX century. These icons were collected in all regions of Ukraine and kept the warmth of human souls and hands. These pictures were saint for our forefathers and stood in their homes in the most honorable place, these icons are the witnesses of changes in religion. The exposition of the museum "Soul of Ukraine" has about 5,000 objects not only of icon-making art, but also antique household items, such as cradles, furniture and chests.

The stone icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker of the XII century - probably the oldest exhibit of the museum. The saint is considered the patron saint of travelers, so every visitor of the castle must touch it.

The castle is surrounded by a picturesque park on the banks of the Mika River, lakes, waterfalls and a picturesque landscape, stone sculptures and unique plants. Around, as well as a thousand years ago - coniferous forests saturate the air with medicinal essential oils. There is a bell tower with 9 bells in the park. Climbing on it, you can make a wish by clanging a one bell.

"Dobropark". We will continue to relax from the city, have fun and enjoy nature in "Dobropark". Its area is equal to the area of 400 football fields. In the spring it graced visitors with fields of tulips. Now the Petunia Garden, hydrangea and boxwood valleys, lavender field, "Valley of Love" with romantic art installations and flower arrangements in the form of huge hearts - the pride of the park. There are well-equipped alleys, bridges, an amusement park for children, a food court and a lake where you can have a picnic. And there are many stylish photo areas for fans of photo!

Victoria Film Studios. After a good rest, we go home. And we will have one more stop near the architectural masterpiece - the film studio Victoria Film Studios. This is a kind of "Disney Castle" near Kiev: narrow windows and stone arches make it quite mystical. The fortress is guarded by large three-meter statues depicting characters from the films "Predator" and "Alien". Unfortunately, you will not be able to get inside - the area is closed to visitors, but you have something to see outside. You can make wonderful photos here.

Return to Kiev.

1 Day
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Tour "Park trio: Radomyshl, Korostyshev, "Dobropark""

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