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Business Tour: Mysterious Synevyr

Deinde — Organizer Business Tour

Tour price:

90 €

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Lviv / Pylypets' / Synevyr / Kolochava / Pylypets' / Lviv



Days of tour:



20 — 50

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:

Spring, Summer, Autumn


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Tour "Mysterious Synevyr". This is a trip to the most mysterious place of the Ukrainian Carpathians - to Synevyr Lake, located among the rocks and forests of the Inner Gorgan massif. Getting to know this area, you will feel the wild and impetuous energy of the Shypot waterfall, taste the clean air at the top of Mount Gemba, and dine with trout in the village of Kolochava. And you will also feel like a bird flying over Borzhava on a paraglider. Magic, isn’t it? :) You will enjoy:

  • Conquest of the top of the mountain by ATV;
  • Shypit waterfall - one of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine, the most beautiful waterfall in Zakarpattia;
  • The Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center, where employees return to normal life club-footed giants who have suffered from human cruelty;
  • One of the most mystical places in the Carpathians is Lake Synevyr, which still keeps the memory of an extremely tender and tragic love;
  • A visit to a trout farm, where you will get acquainted with the process of breeding ecologically pure trout and taste it;
  • Traditional Carpathian chans;
  • Climbing Mount Gemba, to see a majestic panorama of the Carpathian mountains;
  • Flight over Borzhava on a paraglider.


  • Transfer according to the program (Lviv-Pylypets-Synevyr-Kolochava-Lviv)
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • 3-bed room in the hotel (2 nights)
  • Passage to the territory of the Shypit waterfall
  • Passage to the territory of the Synevyr park
  • Tinctures degustation
  • A visit to the brown bear center
  • Quarantine Deinde Pack (mask, sanitizer)

Not included

  • Deinde bus ticket
  • Additional activities according to the tour program
  • Personal food expenses
  • Accommodation in a double room


1 Day
2 Day
3 Day

Organizational program:

23:00 - Meet the guys who are going on the Deinde bus.

We will start our acquaintance already on the bus. It doesn’t matter if you come alone or with someone, you will go to a meeting with the Carpathians with a new company, or rather a family :)

00:00 - Departure from Kyiv by Deinde bus.

You can additionally purchase a ticket for the Deinde bus and get to Lviv with comfort in a fun company. So make yourself comfortable and prepare your favorite playlist as we are on our way.

07:00 - Arrival in Lviv. Breakfast.

There is a bit f time to have breakfast and coffee in Lviv and move on.

10:00 - Departure to Pylypets.

After having breakfast and strolling through the magical streets of the cultural capital of Ukraine, we sit comfortably in our bus and go to Pylypets.

13:00 - Arrival, check-in at the hotel, lunch.

We are in place! There is free time to relieve the fatigue from the move, freshen up and prepare for the next activities :) We suggest immediately replenishing the energy balance with dishes prepared according to original recipes in a real and authentic hut.

Excursion program:

14:00 - Extreme ATV ride. (Additional activity).

Want a little more adrenaline? Let's conquer the top of the mountain by ATV! We are waiting for a real race with professional instructors.

* This activity will take place only under favorable weather conditions.

17:00 - Shypit Waterfall.

One of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine is the most beautiful waterfall in Zakarpattia, located on the northern slopes of the Borzhavsky valleys. A place of power and incredible photos!

20:00 - Welcome drink and get-togethers at a local establishment.

We are sure that after such a walk to the waterfall, breathing with the Carpathian air, your appetite flared up, and therefore it's time to have dinner and get to know Deindefamily :) We have something delicious and heady for you!

1 Day
2 Day
3 Day
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