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Business Tour: Karpaty glamping trip

Deinde — Organizer Business Tour

Tour price:

121 €

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Lviv / Oryavchik / Urych / Tukhlya / Truskavets' / Drohobych / Lviv



Days of tour:



20 — 50

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:

Spring, Summer, Autumn


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Tour "Karpaty glamping trip". Close your eyes and let's dream! Imagine, today you rush in jeeps together with a noisy company and, sipping homemade wine, singing songs by the fire. Tomorrow morning you make aromatic coffee and admire the mountain peaks through the panoramic window, and in the evening you watch your favorite movie on the big screen, lying on a soft bed. Now open your eyes wider and carefully read the tour program! Yes, yes, we invite you to glamping in the middle of the Carpathians in a circle of crazy #deindefamily! They are waiting for you:

  • Comfortable mental rest in harmony with nature;
  • Jeeping safari in the mountains, - we will visit the most inaccessible corners of the Carpathians, including the tops of the mountains with amazingly beautiful meadows;
  • Cozy gatherings by the fire;
  • The rock fortress "Tustan" of the 12th-17th centuries - a unique monument of nature and architecture, which has no analogs in Europe;
  • Excursion and tasting of craft cheeses at an eco-goat farm;
  • Cheesemaking master class and goat milking master class;
  • Carpathian chans and bathhouse;
  • Shamanic party with ritual dances around the fire under the starry sky to the beat of a shaman tambourine;
  • Flight by plane over Lviv region;
  • Excursion and degustation at the Lviv Beer Museum;
  • Bar tour of the cool bars in Lviv.


  • Transfer according to the program (Lviv-Oryavchik-Urych-Tukhlya-Truskavets-Drohobych-Lviv)
  • 4-bed room in Indian tipi (2 nights)
  • Breakfasts at the glamping
  • A visit to the fortress "Tustan"
  • Eco-farm visit
  • Farm Cheese Degustation
  • Tour and beer tasting in Lvivarna
  • Shamanic party
  • Quarantine Deinde Pack (mask, sanitizer)
  • DeindeTeam escort

Not included

  • Deinde bus ticket
  • Accommodation in a double area
  • Accommodation in a 2-bed tipi
  • Additional activities according to the tour program
  • Personal food expenses


1 Day
2 Day
3 Day

Organizational program:
22:00 - Hello everyone who rides on the Deinde bus!
Choose how you want to go: calm and quiet on the train, fast in your car, or loud and fun with Deinde. You can additionally purchase a ticket for the Deinde bus and get to Lviv with comfort in a fun company. We meet and get to know each other.
23:30 - Departure from Kyiv by Deinde bus.
So make yourself comfortable and prepare your favorite playlist as we embark on one of your brightest adventures this year!

07:00 - Breakfast in your beloved Lviv.
We will have breakfast in one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, pick up others and go further. The Carpathians are waiting!
09:00 - Departure to the glamping.
We will live in the Skole district, the village of Oryavchik at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level between mountains and forests. An incredible place!
11:00 - Check-in at the glamping.
We are on the spot. There is time to take a shower, change clothes, and get acquainted with the territory of our glamping. Our motto for this trip - take your time, enjoy! Our managers will help you choose exactly where you want to live, in the sphere or in the tipi.

Excursion program:
13:00 - Jeeping safari in the valley. (Additional activity).
We have cool jeeps at our disposal, jump in! We will visit the most inaccessible corners of the Carpathians, including the mountain peaks with amazingly beautiful meadows.

17:00 - Entertainment to choose from
We think that even 3 days will not be enough for you to have time to taste absolutely everything that is in our glamping. Take your pick: pottery, archery, rifle shooting, climbing wall, or rope park. Have fun! Your tour leader will guide you on the spot.

20:00 - Hearth, homemade wine, and warm company.
Let's get to know each other better :) From us - delicious local wine, from you - interesting stories.

1 Day
2 Day
3 Day
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