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Business Tour: Idol of Ust-Taseevo

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Tour price:

1150 €

5. Усть_тасеевский Идол
4. Усть-Тасеевский Идол
Krasnoyarsk / Bolshaya Murta / Kazachinskoe / Yeniseysk / Taseyevo / Kirsantevo / Burny / Mashukovka / Krasnoyarsk



Days of tour:



6 — 40

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:

All the year-round


Easy, Moderate
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Tour "Idol of Ust-Taseevo". In Siberia, where the mountains emerge right out of the water, there is a windbreak and untouched taiga, life is still dictated by the rhythms of nature and its power is felt. Probably the better place to slow down, enjoy the air, the river and the forest, you can't imagine. Here, in the area of the Taseeva River of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, you can not only relax, but also immerse yourself in the history of Siberia, because there are monuments that are more than 23 centuries old nearby. Among them is the Ust-Taseevsky idol - the northernmost stone sculpture of the early Iron Age in Asia. What awaits you:

  • You will see the unique monuments-altars left here by the taiga Scythians back in the 4th century BC;
  • On the way, you will also visit the first capital of the Yenisei province - the ancient city of Yeniseisk. Its historical part is included in the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites;
  • You can admire panoramic views of nature and Siberian rivers;
  • See ancient altars, capes and caves;
  • Unforgettable walks along the taiga trails are also waiting for you, and in summer - swimming and fishing.
  • On the way back, you will get acquainted with the way of life of Siberian Old Believers by visiting the village of Burny.

Join our tour - we will reveal the secrets of the ancient history of Siberia and have a peaceful rest!


  • Meals according to the program
  • Transfers according to the program
  • Rent of off-road vehicles prepared for overcoming off-road
  • Excursion program
  • Bath according to the program
  • Accommodation at the recreation center
  • Services of guides and instructors
  • Rent a boat
  • Fishing
  • Cook services

Not included

  • Single occupancy
  • Additional services on site
  • ATV rental
  • Horse / reindeer rental


1 Day
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7 Day

Organizational program:

7:00 - Arrival in Krasnoyarsk.

Excursion program:

7:30 - By off-road vehicle we leave from Krasnoyarsk to Yeniseisk.

And the first short stop along the way is in Bolshaya Murta. Here it is also possible to visit the local history museum and the places where Saint Luke lived and worked (in the world Valentin Voino-Yasenetsky, the famous Soviet surgeon and scientist).

12:00 - You will stop in the village of Kazachinskoye.

Kazachinskoe is one of the oldest settlements in the Yenisei province. Its history goes back over 300 years. Since ancient times, the village has been famous for its crafts and fairs. From here, carts with fodder and food left for the gold mines in the Zaangar taiga. Walk through the village. 

14:00 - Picnic with overlooking the famous Kazachinsky rapids.

You will see the part of the Yenisei most difficult to cross. The fall of the river in this section exceeds 1 m per kilometer of length. It is possible to see how operate a unique vessel here, the only surviving vessel in Russia. This is a tug that moves along a chain or cable laid along the bottom and helps to guide vessels upstream.

16:00 - Next you arrive in Yeniseysk, the ancient capital of the Yenisei province.

The city of skilled craftsmen, the center of the "gold rush" and fur trades - whatever it was called. In the XVII -XVIII centuries the city was famous for its icon-painting schools, and the Yenisei Fair was the main center of the fur trade throughout Siberia.

You will take a sightseeing tour of the historical part of Yeniseisk, included in the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, see the main temples of the Siberian Baroque style, admire the houses of famous gold miners, visit the local history museum, where archaeological finds and household items of the 17-18 centuries are presented.

19:00 - Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner, Siberian cuisine. Rest.

1 Day
2 Day
3 Day
4 Day
5 Day
6 Day
7 Day
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