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Group incentive tour: Hutsul travels

Anga Travel — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

257 €

Карпаты 10
Карпаты 9
Карпаты 12
Карпаты 13
карпаты 14
Карпаты 4
Карпаты 3
Карпаты 6 обр
Карпаты 2
Ивано-Франковск 2
Ивано-Франковск 3 обр
Коломыя обр
коломыя обр 2
Коломыя музей пысанки
коломыя обр 3
музей Кумлика
музей Кумлика 5
музей Кумлика 4
музей Кумлика 2
музей Кумлика 3
музей магии 4
музей магии 3
музей магии 2
санки 2
джиппинг 2
новый год 4 обр
Новый год 3
Новый год 2
после нг 4
после нг
ліжник 3
чернівці універ
чернівці універ 2
Ivano-Frankivsk / Kolomyia / Verkhovyna / Kosiv / Kryvorivnia / Chernivtsi / Khmelnytskyi



Days of tour:



18 — 300

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:



Easy, Moderate
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Tour "Hutsul Travels". Fantastic views, mountains covered with white snow, beautiful forests and springs with crystal clear water, cozy wooden houses and a breathtaking holiday atmosphere - all this awaits you in the Carpathian Verkhovyna. Our tour is an opportunity to visit a place with a magical, untouched nature, see the real Hutsul traditions with your own eyes, take part in traditional rituals and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the holiday in excellent company! What awaits you during our tour:

  • Fascinating excursion around Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • Visit to the Pysanka Museum;
  • Flight over winter Kolomyia;
  • Secret Santa's visit;
  • Visit to the Museum of Magic and the Museum of Roman Kumlyk;
  • Photo session in old costumes;
  • Sledding and skiing;
  • New Year's Eve in Hutsul style;
  • Excursion around Kosiv;
  • Ability to create your own masterpiece on a potter's wheel;
  • Visit to the house where the film "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" was filmed;
  • Walk around Chernivtsi.

Join our tour and make your celebration bright and unforgettable!


  • Travel by bus along the route
  • Nutrition: 4 breakfasts and 4 dinners
  • Accommodation: 4 nights in wooden cottages
  • Excursions
  • New Year celebration
  • Guiding along the entire route
  • Health insurance

Not included

  • Additional nutrition in the theme restaurants "Desiatka" and "Shpihel"
  • Entrance fees to museums
  • Rent and ski pass
  • Additional services
  • Airplanes - 30 € / person (10 minutes)
  • Jeeping - 27 € / person (1 hour)
  • Bathing in vats - 17 € / 5-6 persons (1 hour)
  • Picnic on nature - 24 € / 1 person
  • Beer tasting - 6 € / 1 person


5 Days

1 Day

Day program:

Gathering in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Excursion around Ivano-Frankivsk. At the beginning of the first day of our New Year's tour to the Carpathians, you will have a fascinating guided tour around the beautiful New Year's city, decorated and shining with lights.

Lunch. For a snack (on our own), we will go to a cozy themed restaurant "Desiatka".

Kolomyia. We move to Kolomyia - the city that gave the world the famous dance "Kolomyika".

We will walk through the beautiful, recently renovated city center and visit the unique Pysanka Museum. This amazing building was built in the shape of the world's largest pysanka egg, decorated with many multi-colored glasses, and is a real visiting card not only of the city, but of the entire region.

Nearby there is a training airfield of the flying school and everyone can take a romantic flight over the winter Kolomyia full of drive and New Year's magic.

Moving to Verkhovyna, settling into a cozy apartment.

Dinner and introduction. An unusually delicious dinner and an evening of acquaintances await everyone. In addition, a pleasant surprise awaits all the participants today - the "secret Santa" will come to us. We will have fun, will have a rest, and will learn dance "kolomyika".

2 Day

Day program:


Museum of Magic, Museum of Roman Kumlyk. We will visit the unique Museum of Magic and visit the Roman Kumlyk Museum. You will see the old "mobile phone" and you will be able to experience it in action. For lovers of unique photos - a photo session in antique costumes. Your Instagram and other social networks will simply blow up and you will have many likes and comments.

Sledding and skiing. Well, for lovers of extreme and fun, our New Year’s ski tour offers sledding and skiing on a small lift in Verkhovyna (beginner level) and in the neighboring village, there are routes for both beginners and medium difficulty. There is also an equipment rental, where you can find everything you need for skiing.

Optionally, our guests can: relax in the famous Carpathian vats for 5-6 people; feel the pre-holiday drive during the jeeping in Verkhovyna.

Dinner and getting ready for the New Year celebration.

New Year's banquet. What is a real New Year in Hutsul style? Of course, first of all, this is a rich table with delicious homemade Hutsul dishes, a lot of entertainment and foot tapping music of Carpathian musicians! We will eat, drink and have great fun! We will go to the center of the village to the main Verkhovyna New Year tree, and take part in the festivities. And many more interesting and memorable things during the New Year's night!

3 Day

Day program:

Late breakfast-lunch.

Walk in the mountains. The first day of the New Year is Magic. The Carpathian highlands have just incredible energy, because of a real oasis of pristine, untouched nature, enchanting with its beauty. We are going for a walk along the magical slopes, and we will be accompanied by interesting stories from local storytellers. Here, in the wilds of the Montenegrin ridge, are concentrated all six Ukrainian mountains, two thousand meters high, and indescribable panorama opens up. So why not enjoy the Carpathian views and have a glass of delicious champagne?

For lovers of skiing, there is both a small lift in Verkhovyna for beginner skiers, there are routes of an initial and intermediate level in the neighboring village of Iltsi. Ski equipment rental is available.

Optionally, lovers of relaxation can continue the celebration and ride in horse-drawn colorful carriages decorated with bells.

Picnic. Winter picnic with barbecue and delicious Carpathian liqueurs. Liked? Don't forget to book when purchasing your tour.

Dinner at the estate. Sharing impressions of an eventful day and going to rest.

4 Day

Day program:


Excursion in Kosiv. We go on an excursion to Kosiv for vyshyvankas and lizhnyks. Kosiv has long been known as a center of folk art, and is famous for its craftsmen - it is a real center of folk Hutsul arts! The best folk craftsmen who create ceramics and fabrics, embroidery and furs, wines and wood products have gathered here. Here you can see beautiful dolls and boxes, Hutsul clothes, bedspreads and unique handmade embroidered vyshyvankas. Well, for lovers of goodies - Carpathian teas and many varieties of feta cheese! Shopping will be excellent!

We will visit a potter and watch how  Kosiv ceramics are made. Everyone will be able to sit down at the potter's wheel and create own masterpiece. We will also watch how real Carpathian bedspreads are created - warm and fluffy. And we will definitely arrange a photo session.

The village of Krivorivnia. We will stop at the "Ukrainian Athens" - the village of Kryvorivnia. Here Kotsyubinsky created his work "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", and 50 years later Parajanov shot his magic film. We will visit a real cottage, where the movie was shooting.

We return to Verkhovyna, have dinner and rest.

5 Day

Day program:

Breakfast. Check-out from the rooms.

Departure to Chernivtsi. We leave for the city of Chernivtsi, where the Austrian times architecture of amazing beauty has been preserved. The main thing and the most precious decoration of the city is the Chernivtsi University, which was the Residence of the Metropolitans in the old days. The university building is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and pleases guests with unusual architectural forms and exquisite interior design, which harmoniously intertwined with national motives. The structure is often compared to a box adorned with jewels and elaborate carvings.

During a walk around the city we will see interesting temples of the city, we will see the local Avenue of Stars, the Town Hall and the O. Kobylianska Theater.

Moving to Khmelnitsky. Here we have a delicious lunch in the picturesque Shpihel museum-restaurant (paid additionally, according to the preliminary menu).

5 Days
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