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Business Tour: History of factories of the Urals

UralTerra — Organizer Business Tour

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1068 €

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Ekaterinburg / Verkhnyaya Pyshma / Nev'yansk / Nizhny Tagil / Verkhotur'ye / Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha / Alapayevsk / Ekaterinburg / Rezh / Berezovskiy / Ekaterinburg / Staroutkinsk / Sylva / Bilimbay / Ekaterinburg / Polevskoy / Ekaterinburg / Sysert' / Ekaterinburg



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4 — 50

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All the year-round


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Tour "History of factories of the Urals". The Ural mining culture developed in the region long before the Siberia settling, and its images formed the basis of the legends and tales of local craftsmen, many of them are familiar to us from the tales of P.P. Bazhov. The region received active industrial development during the reign of Peter I. The Urals played a key role in the Great Patriotic War - this, in particular, reflects the modern official motto of the Sverdlovsk region - "The stronghold of the state." During the tour, guests will be able to see the operating and abandoned factories of the region, get acquainted with local crafts. We offer:

  • A visit to the rocks "Devil's Settlement" and their less famous "younger brother" - the rocks where the old metallurgical production was located;
  • Sysert factory, the town of Sysert began here. At first, a dam was built, a plant with a blast furnace and six hammers was erected at the same time, and a metal rolling plant, a lapidary and locksmith factories were built next to the plant by the merchant Turchaninov;
  • Marble quarry - places for the mining and extraction of rocks and minerals;
  • Museum "Severskaya blast furnace", most of the exhibits are huge industrial equipment, real units, which were used in various departments of the Seversky pipe plant;
  • Staroutkinsky Metallurgical Plant - one of the oldest metallurgical plants in the Urals, founded in the 1720s on the Srednaya Utka River;
  • Verkhnesylvinsky and Nizhnesylvinsky ironworks, which operated on the Sylva river from 1738 to 1910 and formed a single complex for the production of high-quality iron;
  • The Bilimbaevsky plant of the Stroganovs, launched in 1734, arose as an auxiliary enterprise for the supply of iron products to the Stroganov saltworks. It was here at the factory that Count Stroganov created the first theater in the Urals, the roles in it were played by serfs;
  • The Museum of Fine Arts with the famous Kasli cast-iron pavilion;
  • A visit to the potter's house, where you will reveal the secrets of Tavolzhskaya ceramics from red clay and try to make a memorable souvenir;
  • Nizhnesinyachikhinsky Museum-Reserve of Wooden Architecture, where you can visit an inn, ordinary village huts of the 17th-19th centuries, a water tower and a mill;
  • House-Museum of P.I. Tchaikovsky with a rich collection of musical instruments from all over the world;
  • Museum of the "Gem strip of the Urals", where you will try to find a collection of minerals samples with a specialist on the territory of the Lipovsky quarry;
  • Descent into a training mine and a master-class on gold mining in Berezovsky. 


  • Accommodation according to the program
  • Breakfasts and lunches
  • Excursions and master-classes according to the program
  • Guidance (Russian,
  • English, German or French)
  • Transport
  • Transfer from the airport/railway station and back
  • Entry tickets


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Organizational program:

12:00 - Arrival in Yekaterinburg, transfer to the hotel.

14:00 - Accommodation at the hotel "Central" 3* (Malysheva st., 74, Yekaterinburg).

14:00 - 15:00 - Lunch at the restaurant "Shustov" (Radishcheva st., 31, Yekaterinburg).

For lunch, you will try local cuisine from the Shustov restaurant.

Excursion program:

15:00 - 17:00 - Yekaterinburg city tour. 

Guests will begin their acquaintance with the Urals from the largest cultural and economic center - the city of Yekaterinburg. On the first day, there will be a city tour with a visit to the Historical Square, the central square, and the main attractions.

17:00 - 20:00 - A visit to the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts with the famous Kasli cast-iron pavilion (Voevodina St., 5).

Excursion to the Yeltsin Center with an interactive exposition dedicated to the first president of the Russian Federation (B. Yeltsin St., 3, Yekaterinburg).

1 Day
2 Day
3 Day
4 Day
5 Day
6 Day
7 Day
8 Day
9 Day
10 Day
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Tour "History of factories of the Urals"

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