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Business Tour: Gold of Fortress

Tour price:

2207 €

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Tbilisi / Mtskheta / Akhalts'ikhe / Borjomi / Akhalts'ikhe / Tbilisi



Days of tour:



16 — 200

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:

Spring, Summer, Autumn


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Tour "Gold of Fortress". There is a fortress in Georgia. According to legend, the walls of the fortress hide huge treasures that once belonged to merchants who lived near the citadel. The legacy of the incredible political, economic and cultural prosperity of the 11th century AD is called the "Gold of the Fortress". And only the noblest person can get the desired key! During our tour you will find:

  • An exciting adventure with Georgian elements, based on the famous TV game "Fort Boyard". Teams will have to overcome challenges and be flexible to mine the Fortress gold. The game takes place in the historical fortress Rabat and is organized on request;
  • A walk through the ancient city of Tbilisi in the company of an expert historian who will tell the fascinating stories, legends, secrets and beliefs of this amazing city;
  • Incredible Georgian dance performed by the best dancers of the country;
  • The city-museum of Mtskheta, the chronicle of Iberia, the core of Georgia which stands at the confluence and eternal embrace of so different, but dear Aragvi and Kura;
  • Jvari is a masterpiece of classical architecture with a Byzantine echo and the most "branded" observation deck with a breathtaking view;
  • Five shrines of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral named after the 12 Apostles;
  • Gala dinner at the hotel with the mountains and coniferous forest view, accompanied by melodic Georgian songs;
  • A driving disco with a guest DJ who feels and guesses the wishes of the audience.


  • Qualified guide
  • Personal audio system (radio guide)
  • Coordinator’s support
  • Transport service
  • Drinks and seasonal fruit basket in transport
  • Wet, antiseptic and dry wipes, first aid kit, mobile chargers, blankets, pillows and raincoats in transport
  • Tickets for trams during the descent by the Funicular
  • Branded cards for singing songs with prizes
  • Meals (lunches and dinners) with locally produced alcohol at the rate of 2 glasses of white or red wine chacha for lunch and 3 glasses of white or red wine/chacha/cognac for dinners
  • Wine and fruit at the final in the fortress
  • Attendance at the rehearsal (performance 45 minutes) of the Ersioni or Sukhishvili ensemble
  • Individual musical accompaniment (band) at the gala dinner at the hotel
  • DJ
  • Light snack with alcohol at the pit stop before departure
  • Tour coordinator, who is proactively responsible for the quality of the services provided
  • Accommodation on the basis of breakfast in single rooms of 5* hotels in Tbilisi, 2 nights and 4+* in Borjomi, 1 night
  • Lease of the territory of the fortress (10 days) and its closure on the day of the game
  • Installation and dismantling of all game rooms, sacred place, finals (25 locations). Decorating, including renting the necessary game inventory, decorations and props, as well as consumables
  • Audio support of the territory (professional voice acting of the territory)
  • Pre & post-production video (room lighting, stationary and reportage audio-video filming of all positions)
  • Editing an image video clip (3-5 minutes)
  • Video editing (15-20 minutes)
  • Professional photographer (reportage shooting, processed photos)
  • Production (art team of 23 people)
  • Conductors (co-hosts) to each team
  • Emergency medical assistance (traumatologist) and additional security at the gate
  • Drinking water for players (installation of dispensers on site)
  • Rent of special walkie-talkies with a dedicated license line
  • Branded jerseys, raincoats for players


1 Day
2 Day
3 Day
4 Day

Organizational program:

12:15 - Arrival in Tbilisi. Meeting at the airport.

On the buses, the guides briefly announce the program of the day and introduce guests to the history of Georgia, talking about the sights they encountered along the way.

Excursion program:

14:00 - An impressive panorama of the city, glorified by Boris Pasternak, and a special correct khachapuri with the famous Lagidze lemonade on Mount Mtatsminda. Descent by the funicular tram.

15:30 - Let's raise the curtain! Rehearsal of Erisioni or Sukhishvili? If we get lucky! A unique opportunity to see how an incredible Georgian dance is born, and how it is performed by the best dancers of the country!

16:45 - Tbilisi is an amazing city with lace balconies hanging over Kura, a kind of theatre, a festival of masters, a city that loves to eat and gossip, to amuse the soul with invention and fun. Very warm with hospitable, kind and caring people.

Walking in the company of an expert historian through the winding narrow streets of this ancient city and listening to the attractive stories, legends, secrets and beliefs, you will not immediately notice how you will find yourself in charming Tiflis.

19:00 - Accommodation at the hotel in Tbilisi. Free time until dinner.

20:00 - Dinner at a restaurant that hangs like a nest over Kura. Impressive for its appearance and atmosphere.

23:00 - Transfer to the hotel.

1 Day
2 Day
3 Day
4 Day
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