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Group incentive tour: Christmas voyage: Transcarpathia

Anga Travel — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

115 €

косино 2
косино 4
колиба 2
колиба 5
ферма оленів 3
колиба 4
колиба 3
ферма оленів 2
ферма оленів
лозоплетіння 3
лозоплетіння 2
лозоплетіння 4
ферма равликів
буйволиная ферма 2
шато чизай
шато чизай 5
шато чизай 4
шато чизай 3
Сент-Миклош 4
Сент-Миклош 2
Сент-Миклош 7
Сент-Миклош 8
Сент-Миклош 6
Сент-Миклош 3
Mukachevo / Kosyno / Shaian / Khust / Iza / Nyzhnie Selyshche / Horinchovo / Shaian / Berehove / Chynadiiovo / Mukachevo



Days of tour:



18 — 300

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:


Nutrition type:


Best time:



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Tour "Christmas voyage: Transcarpathia". Christmas in the Carpathians is amazing folk traditions, fun festivities, horseback riding and sleigh rides, rich tables with delicious local cuisine, charming snow-capped mountain peaks and good-natured local people. And we will enjoy all the delights of the Christmas at Transcarpathian region! During the tour in Transcarpathia you will:

  • Relax in the spa resort Kosyno;
  • Have fun with Christmas dinner at the Kolyba Opryshkiv;
  • Delve into the culture of the Transcarpathian region;
  • Visit Khust Castle;
  • Get closer to nature at a deer farm, snail farm and a buffalo eco-farm;
  • Enjoy a wine tasting at Chateau Chyzai;
  • Visit the theatrical tour of the ancient castle of St. Miklos.

Spend Christmas in a cozy atmosphere and sincere company during our tour to Transcarpathia!


  • Transport maintenance
  • Administrative support
  • Excursion support
  • Accommodation 2 nights in hotel
  • Nutrition: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 1 dinner
  • Excursion around Khust

Not included

  • Christmas dinner - 13.50 € / person
  • Dinner at the hotel - from 3 € / person
  • Entrance tickets - St. Miklos Castle - 1.50 € / person
  • Entrance tickets - Deer farm - 1 € / adults, 0.60 € / children, feed - 0.15 €
  • Entrance tickets - Snail farm - 1 € / person, 3 € / person (+ tasting)
  • Entrance tickets - Buffalo Eco Farm - 1 € / person, tasting (meat or dairy) - 1.50 € / person
  • Thermal complex "Kosyno" - 13.50 € / 3 hours, rent of wardrobes - 1.50 €
  • Wine tasting at Chateau Chyzai - 4.50 € / person
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance


3 Days

1 Day

Day program:

Gathering of the group in Mukachevo.

Arrival of the group to the SPA Resort Kosyno. What could be better than a beginning of your vacation at the popular Ukrainian thermal resort "Kosyno" with a visit to the saunas. Usually there are a lot of people at the resort, but we are the first to come here, and we will have time to get maximum relaxation. Here you can have a delicious breakfast: there is a large restaurant area Chard (if you go there, the time of staying in the thermal complex stops). There are many wonderful bars and restaurants (Hungarian, Italian and Ukrainian cuisine).

There are pools for all tastes: Twin Pools, Emerald Pool, Pool "H2O", "Golden Tap of Health - Kosyno", Swimming Pool, Children's Pool, Yin-Yang Pool, Bath-Kneipp "17 Steps of Health". Royal Saunas. Massage rooms and more. We recommend having with you: rubber slippers; swimsuit / swimming trunks; towels (preferably 2); preferably a rubber cap.

Transfer to the resort village of Shaian, check into a hotel. Free time.

Departure for a gala dinner (optional, order when booking the tour).

Rest and Christmas program in Kolyba Opryshkiv (duration 2 hours)! You will see how Christmas is spent in the Transcarpathian style. Christmas dinner and Christmas carols are waiting for you. Here you will be welcomed like at home. After all, Transcarpathian hospitality has no boundaries. Kolyba Opryshkiv is the center of cultural rest of Transcarpathia. Home, authentic Transcarpathian cuisine, cooking from their own products. You will feel warm and comfortable like at home, and a delicious homemade dinner with good wine, also at a common table, will present new friends. As a rule, the locals speak Hungarian. So it won't be boring for sure. You will be treated to hot dishes and cold snacks. Unlimited drinks. It will be interesting and tasty.

2 Day

Day program:

Breakfast at the hotel.

Khust town, Khust castle (subject to good weather).

Free time for lunch.

Iza. The city of weaving, wickerwork: tables, armchairs, couches, souvenirs, as well as various decorations. Natural material, handmade, lightness, characteristic pleasant smell.

Deer farm - the only dappled deer farm in Ukraine, feeding animals.

Excursion to the snail farm.

Buffalo Eco-Farm "Raiskyi Kutochok". Here you will see buffaloes, deer, African ostriches, peacocks, call ducks, eels, chickens, pheasants - golden, Romanian and hunting, partridges, horses and roe deer.

Return to the hotel. Dinner.

3 Day

Day program:

Breakfast at the hotel.

Free time at the hotel. If you wish, you can visit SPA procedures, sauna.

We check out from the rooms and leave for Berehove.

Lunch at a cafe in Berehove.

Wine tasting at Chateau Chyzai. This is not just a wine tasting in one of the old cellars of Transcarpathia, it is much more! It is an immersion in the world of modern high-quality viticulture and winemaking. You will enjoy, and will get knowledge, and spend your time with benefit. It will be interesting, tasty and fun: that is all that you need during your vacation! You will have an excursion around the territory of Chateau Chyzai, a tour of the "Chyza Winemaker Museum", a visit to a wine storage, a visit to aged wines, wine tasting with a professional sommelier.

Theatrical tour of the ancient castle "Torchlight procession at the Castle of St. Miklos". During a torchlight excursion, which is led by the owner Joseph Bartosz, you will listen to the love story of the beautiful princess Ilona Zrini, followed by all Western European nobility, and get to know the secrets that keep the castle walls. To plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages will allow a walk along the secret passages of the castle, illuminated only by torches. There is something mysterious and magical in the Chynadiievskyi castle, and you will be convinced of it. Listen to a true love story. This castle is called - the Castle of Love. Joseph Bartosz, a tenant and artist of the castle, tells that such a great and pure love lived in this place that it managed to change the fate of an entire nation. Ilona Zrini fell in love with the rebel, and gave him her hand and heart. She was punished by the Austrians because of her love. She was first imprisoned, and then sent into exile outside Austria-Hungary, where her life ended. On her part, it was a sacrifice not only for her love, but also for her people.

Completion of our Transcarpathian voyage. We leave on the way back.

3 Days
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