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Group incentive tour: Chernobyl Quest-tour

Insight Tours — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

108 €

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Przewalski's horses
Sports Palace Energetik
third stage of ChNPP
A group of tourists from Poland at the Pripyat stele
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Kyiv / Dytiatky / Chornobyl / Kopachi / Prypiat' / Kyiv



Days of tour:



4 — 30

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:

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Best time:

All the year-round


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Tour "Chernobyl Quest-tour". We have prepared a real Quest for everybody who eager to visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone not as a tourist and a guest, but as a real Stalker. Only in the Quest, you can find something that will make your knees tremble and scream from an excess of adrenaline. We will provide everything you need to complete the tasks set by the Quest. Our goal is to make You an integral part of the Zone, to show its little-known side. The quest changes consciousness, destroys stereotypes and tests for strength. You will not just look at the Zone, it will look at You. You will touch it, left alone with her ghosts. You will feel inwardly everything that has accumulated there over 30 years. You will get:

  • An unforgettable quest in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone;
  • Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the heart of a huge Monster that killed thousands of people, turned the flourishing land into the "exclusion zone";
  • Exhibition of robots and equipment that was used in the elimination of the disaster;
  • An artificial cooling pond with giant catfish;
  • "Arch" - the shelter of the 4th reactor, and exploded, but not destroyed reactor, which is still under it and is dangerous;
  • The deceased city of Pripyat, which was one of the coolest cities of the Union before the accident. Dreams, plans, prospects, the whole lives of thousands of people are buried here;
  • The secret object Chernobyl-2, ZGRLS "DUGA-1" is the last of such objects on the planet. Others have been destroyed a long time ago, - the strangest, the most talked about, the most ambitious military project of the Soviet Union.


  • Pass
  • Transport
  • Guide
  • Individual dosimetry device - storage
  • Dinner
  • Equipment


1 Day

Day program:

Meeting with the Chernobylquest team. The Chernobylquest team will be ready to leave at 08:00. Don't be late, don't seek adventures ahead of time. Report all force majeure immediately. Don't forget your passport! Without documents, no one will allow you to approach the Zone closer than 31 kilometres.

At 08:30 we leave Kyiv in the direction of the zone of compulsory resettlement. Keep in mind that there will be only one stop on the way for a coffee-tea-toilet. But there will be no way back... Your Quest begins from the moment you get on the bus. Videos and photos on the way will immerse you in the right mood. Listen carefully, much of what you have heard will be useful to you later, but there will be no one to ask again.

Checkpoint "Dityatki". This is the first checkpoint on the way to the Exclusion Zone. If you pass the security check, consider yourself lucky - not everyone passes... The guards will certainly scare you with all possible horror stories, familiarize themselves with the rules of behaviour in order to relieve themselves of responsibility for your physical and mental health, and ideally, they will skip you further.

Chernobyl. In this city, the first tasks of the quest and the first thoughts of the type: "Why did I get involved in this?!" are waiting for you. Chernobyl scares from the first seconds of the meeting. This is a real-time tragedy museum. Only it is not clear WHAT for the time that rules here - either 1986 or 2021.

Stele Chernobyl. Exhibition of robots and equipment that were used in the elimination of the disaster. Monument to Those Who Saved the World. Alley of resettled cities and villages. Half-empty streets. And completely empty away from the centre. All these breaths with the past and its ghosts. But next to you you will see people, quite alive and healthy. Transport, shops, normal roads and residential buildings ... WHAT A HELL ?! Everything is ok, this is Chernobyl, not such a lifeless dead city. Control yourself, breathe deeply. There is a completely different air here, it is impossible to talk about it, but the stalker will make you breathe it in order to solve tasks from his notebook.

Checkpoint "Leviv". The second checkpoint, and another formal attempt to reason with you. But we're not here to be afraid of the ghosts of the 10 km zone, are we? The station is 10 kilometres away.

The village of Kopachi. You will see many interesting, unusual and scary things on this day. But the village of Kopachi will stand out on this list of memories. The territory that could not be saved, there could be no remission, and the village was simply buried. In the literal sense of the word - they covered them with earth to the very roofs. Now only mounds, roofs sticking out in some places, remind of them. You walk, walk, you come across such a hill and frost on the skin... And are we sure that no one was buried, in this house, under this hill?! You have probably seen the kindergarten in this village, for some reason it remained practically unharmed after the destruction of all other buildings. What will the quest in this place of the zone require? Can you guess? I hope... My advice - do not linger, the atmosphere here is too overwhelming...

Chernobyl, the heart of the Monster. The industrial site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Have you ever thought that you could approach this deadly monster within 300 meters? Here you will have such an opportunity, I am not kidding. Be careful thrice, you not only need to complete the quest task but also remember everything around.

Unfinished power units No. 5 and 6. Huge unfinished cooling towers. An artificial cooling pond with giant catfish. And if you still didn’t believe in radiation, then seeing these "fish", as if you doubt it. Or maybe it was the tourists who fed them like that, who can say...

Power units No. 1, 2, 3. The latter operated for another 15 years after the accident. No matter what, can you imagine? Can you imagine if someday someone decides that it is possible to put the remaining blocks into operation? The fifth is almost ready...

In this place, the feelings are heated to the limit, the convolutions should work clearly, like a Swiss watch. You are in the heart of a huge Monster that killed thousands of people and turned the flourishing land into an "exclusion zone". And you will have not only to look there but to understand it, penetrate and guess all his riddles and write them down in your notebook. Do you remember this?

"Arch" - the shelter of the 4th reactor. A reactor exploded, but not destroyed, and it is still dangerous. And you are standing next to it and must understand WHY it all happened this way...

Dead city. Pripyat. It's really creepy here. If at the previous locations it was scary, sad, gloomy, then here it is truly creepy. Do you know that it was Pripyat that suffered the most from the explosion, not Chernobyl? Do you know that BEFORE the accident it was one of the coolest cities in the Union? Scientists from all over the country dreamed of getting to work here. There were no queues in stores, but there were cinemas, a swimming pool and a supermarket, its own Broadway and ideal roads. And in just a few days, this hive was silent forever. Dreams, plans, prospects, whole lives of thousands of people are buried here.

 And somewhere there are answers to the Quest questions.

You will have to see everything: the Red Forest, and the Bridge of Death, and the cinema, and the pier going under the water. And what about the amusement park?! The perfect location for a horror movie! It was ready to open and did not wait for two weeks. The Ferris wheel is waiting for you... If you still haven't found what you were looking for, go on, read the task again and keep your eyes open.

City Executive Committee. Cinema "Prometheus". Kindergarten, school, swimming pool... Feel free to explore this city until it disappears from the face of the earth. You will see signs of an imminent end: trees and shrubs are approaching from all sides, you will have to work hard not to get lost in them. Watch your phone - do not let the battery run out, otherwise, it will be tough. And take pictures, take pictures, take pictures. Now, on adrenaline, you will not remember everything, later the pictures will be very useful.

Secret object Chernobyl-2. ZGRLS "DUGA-1". Do you know that this is the last such object on the planet? Others have been destroyed for a long time. This one holds. The strangest, the most talked about, the most ambitious military project of the Soviet Union.

The antennas of a grandiose size (for sure, no one can even measure it, even GoogleMaps gives an error of a couple of meters), the antennas rested against the sky and are standing here. Why, for what - not a single intelligence service in the world could find out until the end of the 80s. ZGRLS was sometimes credited with mystical superpowers. It was even decided that the "DUGA" radiation was directed at US military bases and was drying up the brains of American soldiers.

In fact, this thing was intended to warn about air threats (in particular, about launched ICBMs). Here you will hang for a long time, everyone hangs. Because the scale of the design makes you forget about the tasks and reflect on the power of the human mind. But you will have to return to the quest. Solve all the secrets, tickle your nerves, strain your brains and muscles and still reach the finish line. Can you handle it?!

Radiological control. The organizers give a "STOP SIGNAL", the game is over. Do you want to know how much radiation you picked up in a day? For this, at the exit from the Zone, mandatory radiological control is provided. But the main thing is that you passed. And he survived, which is important, given the terrain...

The road back will be difficult. A killer combination of fatigue and adrenaline raging in the blood. And do not fall asleep, and do not run. But by 7 pm the bus should deliver you from where it took you, and then figure out for yourself what to do with all these emotions. As a souvenir, you will receive a reward for correctly completed tasks. Which one? For now, I can not say it. Hint: write all the hashtags carefully.

By the way, lunch is scheduled during the tour, inform the organizers if you wish.

And remember that the tour program may be changed depending on the length of daylight hours, weather conditions, or as directed by the ChEZ administration.

Upon request and prior agreement, the following objects can be included in the private tour program:

Military camp of the 25th brigade;

Bypass road, purpose-built in the first month of the accident;

Red forest (no visit!);

V. Kopachi, an inspection of the surviving buildings;

The third stage of ChNPP 5 and 6 power units, cooling towers;

The abandoned experimental base of animal radiobiology;

V. Paryshev, v. Opachichi, v. Kupatov (here you can chat with self-settlers);

Communication with the employees of the ChNPP;

Communication with employees of the Institute of Nuclear Safety of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

Former recreation camp "Kazkoviy".

1 Day
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