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Group incentive tour: Chernobyl nuclear power plant with reactor control unit

Radioactive team — Organizer Group incentive tour

Tour price:

211 €

Kyiv / Chornobyl / Prypiat' / Kyiv



Days of tour:



5 — 10

Departure point:


Arrival place:


Hotel accommodation:

Nutrition type:


Best time:

All the year-round


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Tour "Chernobyl nuclear power plant with block control panel". Chernobyl – the name of this ancient town suddenly flew around the world in the spring of 1986, and to this day is still synonymous with the infected, dangerous and mysterious land “the Zone”. More than thirty years ago this huge territory was surrounded by barbed wire, with checkpoints, with abandoned towns and villages, with a wild nature and an invisible enemy – radiation. As the result of a lack of information and very few photos and video reports from the Zone, this restricted area has created a lot of myths and legends. During the tour you will see:

  • deserted Pripyat,
  • the "golden corridor" of the nuclear plant,
  • reactor control unit,
  • main circulation pumps.

This format of trips is a unique combination of a private excursion to Pripyat with an excursion to the Chernobyl NPP.


  • Registration of passes to the exclusion zone and to the ChNPP
  • Safety briefing
  • Transfer
  • Escort along the entire route by the Radioactive Team
  • Insurance
  • Comprehensive lunch at ChNPP
  • Personal protective equipment, shoe covers, respirator, gloves during a visit to the ChNPP
  • Program at the ChNPP according to the selected route type
  • Visit to Pripyat

Not included

  • Additional meals
  • Permit on dron flight


1 Day

Day program:

Departure from Kyiv.

Head office of SSE ChNPP. You will receive a pass and pass the verification of documents and personal belongings.

Protective structure No. 1 . You will see a unique protective structure designed to protect the staff in emergencies.

High security zone. Acquaintance with the facilities where nuclear reactors were controlled, auxiliary systems for generating electricity, and where the condition of the Shelter object is monitored.

The central control board is the control place for the open switchgear and the workplace of the station shift manager.

Block control panel of the unit, from where all the main technological processes were controlled during the operation of the reactor.

Skala. A unique electronic computer that appeared in 1973 at the Leningrad NPP and was named "SKALA" - the Control System of the Apparatus (Reactor) of the Leningrad NPP. Subsequently, it was also installed at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It was the central information link that united most of the power unit control systems into a single automated control system for the NPP technological process.

Main circulation pumps (MCP) of the third unit, which supplied water to the reactor core.

Memorial plaque to Valery Khodymchuk - memorial to the MCP operator who died in the line of duty, the body was not found.

Central Hall - the reactor hall of the power unit, the place where the technological processes took place.

Block control panel of unit No. 4 - a room with partially dismantled equipment of the block control panel of the unit where the accident occurred.

Lunch (canteen No. 19). Complex lunch according to the standards of therapeutic and prophylactic nutrition, as well as for the personnel of SSE ChNPP.

Bridge over the bypass channel. You will see and on occasion feed by bread the famous Chernobyl catfish.

Memorial to the liquidators. You will be told about the first victims of the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the priority actions to eliminate the disaster.

End of the excursion, departure to Kyiv.

Arrival in Kyiv.

1 Day
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Tour "Chernobyl nuclear power plant with reactor control unit"

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