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Zurich, Switzerland

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About Event

On behalf of IKEA Switzerland, developed a stand concept in close cooperation with IKEA Sweden that can be adapted to all national trade fair appearances. A media strategy was developed and implemented in parallel. In addition, special forms of advertising were developed through close cooperation with the trade fair organizers.

The challenge with this project was, on the one hand, that IKEA had no international experience at trade fairs. On the other hand, the employees had to be won over and trained in order to obtain qualitative advice at the trade fairs. For capacity reasons, IKEA Germany and Italy personnel were also deployed.

The stand concept has a modular structure, has three communication levels and corresponds to an IKEA store in Switzerland at first - as well as at second glance. Visibility and tonality are exactly what visitors expect from an IKEA store. Accordingly, the interior was developed and implemented with the planning department of IKEA Sweden. A real store at external trade fairs, so to speak.

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