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Region of activity: Georgia

The idea of founding tourist agency “VisitGeorgia” was born in 1996 and the initiator was Mr. Alexander Mamulashvili. Then he worked in the field of marketing, offering the advertisements to the Georgian hotels in the local newspaper. It took around 1 year to fulfill this idea and in March of 1997 he founded tourist agency “VisitGeorgia”. It offered to design website for the Georgian hotels.

From 1998 the company started to offer travel service as well. The first client of the travel agency was one of the French ladies which traveled in the south of the country. Since foundation, the main goal of the company was the proper marketing and providing top quality services to the tourists. It helped the company to find its place in tourism industry.

The first steps of “VisitGeorgia” coincide with the period in Georgia when it was not still known as a travel destination, as well as there were many internal problems inside the country. Although the right strategy and hard work led the company to its stable development.Since the last years, the company maintains to be the leader incoming tour operator both in Georgia and whole Caucasus.

Successful work of 20 years in tourism, professional staff and top level service formed the company image – The Name Inspires Trust! Loyalty and trust are the main values for our company. Each of our employed, manager, guide or driver work hard to make the unforgettable trip for the clients who rely on us. Trust is one of the main things, which leads many foreign companies to work with “VisitGeorgia”.

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