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DMC, Excursions

Region of activity: Ukraine

Today, the Radioactive Team provides regular educational visits to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for one, two or more days, and we also provide individual tour programs for experienced travelers, photographers, journalists and all those who want to see more. With many years of experience working in the Zone, we have developed tours with a flexible format, suitable for any price range, weather conditions, and areas of interest of the participants.
Our team consists of experienced guides with historical and scientific knowledge accumulated from traveling to Chernobyl for years, which is communicated in a fascinating and exciting style. In addition to all we provide, all guides are fluent in Russian, Ukrainian and English. We pay great attention to every component of the tour, from the quality of dosimetric equipment to comfortable transport and authentic food for the participants. And every trip is better than the last…
Together we grow, exploring Chernobyl to ourselves, so we can bring in a unique experience. And maybe you will return again, as we have done so many times.

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