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Otkrytie Travel Club

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Excursions, Business tours

Region of activity: Russian Federation

Otkritie Travel Club invites you on tours across Russia! All our travels are intended on comfort, moderately active physical rest and deep mental relaxation. "To discover the world around you, to discover yourself and your capabilities, to be in excellent physical shape" is our credo.

All routes are thought out to the smallest detail, compiled with a soul from all the most significant, worthy, noteworthy that is in this area. Each program is a small life with its own kaleidoscope of new vivid impressions.

Our travels are:
• stay in nature and active transitions through the terrain, accessible to unprepared people;
• hiking on trails hidden from view, known only to guides;
• immersion in the traditional life of people living in the area, meeting and communicating with them;
• studying the history, culture of the people, ethnographic depth of views and beliefs;
• acquaintance with the national characteristics that are manifested in traditional architecture, art, place names, crafts, local cuisine.

We gather small groups from 6 to 14 people, create the most comfortable psychological climate and a homely atmosphere for communication and stay on all days of the trip. Each participant is always given individual attention by the group leader, instructor.

Our experienced and professional guides will accompany you all day long throughout your journey. They love their land very much and want to tell and show guests all the most interesting and unusual things that exist in their republics. Travel Club "Discovery" is always a Meeting with New and only Positive Emotions!

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