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Region of activity: Spain Germany Brazil Greece Tunisia Indonesia United Arab Emirates Jamaica South Africa Philippines United States Mexico Mauritius Maldives French Polynesia Portugal Morocco Andorra Seychelles Croatia Montenegro France Switzerland Dominican Republic Monaco Egypt Israel Bahamas Turkey Cuba Puerto Rico Italy Cyprus

● Our company was founded in 2008.
● We have a tour operator license.
● More than 120 events organized around the world.
● More than 300 original tours for MICE groups have been developed.
● 24/7 support

Have you ever dreamt of winning customers, attracting partners and retaining irreplaceable employees, and so that it will be joyful? Then the help of our experts is exactly what you need at the moment! Working directly with orderers of corporate events, we are actively developing the sector of business tourism, paying particular attention to an individual approach to the wishes of our clients.

We do not sell just tours - we create exclusive trips particularly for you!!! MICE - four main components of success for any business that wants to be competitive and efficient in our time. That's because emotions and impressions play one of the major roles now, and MICE offers to combine this component with a professional one, that always gives an amazing result!

Business tourism is really a breath of fresh air and a whole new understanding of how travelling may affect your workflow. The mission of our company is to reload your business or strengthen it even more. Various trainings, conferences and business events will surely increase the motivation and trust of your team, widen the network and even stimulate your sales!

Saving time and money, impeccable organization of tours, individual approach, as well as lots of fresh ideas and unique offers from our experts - this is all we guarantee to every client. Invest in your business with our help, and you will certainly get significant results very soon!

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