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Albatros Ukraine

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Region of activity: Ukraine

The company "Albatross Travel" was founded in 2002 in the glorious city of Odessa. The geography of our provision of a full range of tourist services for VIP services and official delegations soon spread outside the Odessa region. The opening of the Kempinski Hotel was held with our participation. In 2007, the moment of our qualitative development and movement forward came. It was decided to open the Kiev office, which in the first year of its existence was the "discovery of the year" in the opinion of many Kiev hoteliers.

After 10 years, the company came to the realization that in addition to the functional benefits to users of travel services, there is a need to carry out a mission that can become an effective management tool containing a list of tasks that we will strive for. "Create national travel service standards" is the company's mission: Quality, Honesty and Respect! - the main values ​​Now every employee of our team and every client of our company has a vision of us in the future: as we see ourselves, so our customers see us.

Event Portfolio

Gala dinner in “Chocolate House”

Event Type: Gala dinner

Participant count: 100

Country: Ukraine

Unique venue anniversary

Event Type: Meeting

Participant count: 100

Country: Ukraine

Knight of Kievan Rus

Event Type: Teambuilding

Participant count: 100

Country: Ukraine

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