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Iceland is allowed to enter

Photo:mandry.uaAnyone vaccinated against the coronavirus is allowed to enter Iceland. The new rules came into effect on March 18. This policy, which has been used since January 20 for travelers from the Schengen area, now applies to everyone, regardless of the country of arrival. Icelandic customs authorities will accept a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 or a yellow card from the World Health Organization.Anyone who has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be allowed to travel to Iceland without complying with border measures such as testing and quarantine, - the Icelandic Ministry of Health stated.Alternatively, all tourists will be able to take a coronavirus antibody test or PCR test. This decision makes Iceland one of the first European countries to open its borders for tourists outside the Schengen area, which covers 26 countries - most of the 27 EU members, as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and

  • Mar. 25, 2021
  • Business
The role of corporate tours for the company

What kind of person doesn't like to travel? Corporate tours often become a reward for employees for achievements and are also aimed at team building within the colleagues. The management of a company often combines business with pleasure for the employees - e.g. mixing presentations, exhibitions, conferences, and participation in team-building events, sports competitions for employees. The result of such group trips is team cohesion plus inspiration for creative thinking. We should also not forget and organize trips with soulmates, loved ones, wives, and husbands for our employees. If the company takes care of the families of its employees without paying attention to the ranks and statuses - this will be the most significant motivator for the maximum return of each manager for the benefit of your company. Corporate tours are exactly the carrot that can inspire a person to unprecedented labor achievements for the benefit of their own company.Organization of corporate tours solves a number of problems:team building;increasing the authority of management among employees;strengthening of horizontal relations at all levels;increasing the motivation of each employee and the entire team as a whole;resolution of conflict situations;professional education;raising the cultural level of the team members;strengthening partnerships;formation of a positive image of the company.For example, American corporations spend billions of dollars annually on corporate tours for their employees, customers, and partners. Americans are good at counting money and know that a competent incentive policy is a rational investment in business development.Nothing is as inspiring as travel. Take the whole team on a tour of the most beautiful cities or visit the wonders of nature - you don't have to go far for all this. Allocate literally 2-3 days for the trip and your employees will pay you a hundredfold.An informal atmosphere, corporate travel, and holidays help employees to relax, establish close relationships and communication, understand each other better, become more frank and open. Practice such activities from time to time - it will help you to build a team and increase trust and loyalty to the company.Keep a hot ranking of corporate tours from the MICE Industry: Adventure Time! Kayaking and RaftingKamianets-Podilskyi сruise3D-extremeWeekend in KievOdesa - MoldovaPlaces of happy peopleKherson region is impressive

  • Mar. 21, 2021
  • Business
Where to go for a weekend to the sea in spring: unusual options

We have collected 5 interesting travel options for you. Most of them are to the sea because now there are almost no tourists there.Berezan IslandDid you know that the island of Berezan is the very island of Buyan, so majestically described in Pushkin's fairy tale? Sources claim that a small island, which he saw in the Black Sea near Ochakov, Mykolaiv region has inspired the great Russian poet to write a well-known fairy tale. In September 1823, being in the famous Odessa exile, the poet secretly visited Mykolaiv on a yacht. This yacht passed by Berezan. Theoretically, "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" can be considered a "metaphorical" description of this voyage.The picturesque nature of these places, the sea air, and the beautiful panoramas of the Lagernaya Spit make this place unique. We suggest you visit this ideal place for recreation on the border of the Dnieper-Bug estuary and the Yagorlytsky bay of the Black Sea, where the plants and animals have been preserved in their original form.Photo: Tourism in ShaboThe village of Shabo is located 10 kilometers from the city of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, where you can visit the European cheese factory and the SHABO Wine Culture Center. Guided degustation tours can be booked at both locations.Photo: Sergiy KadulinOleshky desertIn the cold season, there are few tourists in the reserve and the sand freezes. The desert is too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Therefore, the ideal time to visit is early spring or autumn. There are all opportunities for active recreation here. In the off-season, tourists ride ATVs. You can also rent a jeep or an enduro. And even ride off the dunes on a special board.Photo: - "Ukrainian Venice"In winter and early spring, it is much quieter here than in the high season. You will hardly be able to go to the zero kilometer or to the islands, but you can devote time to exploring the city: book an excursion around the old part of Vilkove or visit Cilicia or Primorsk. You can also always organize a walk in the forest or along the seashore. Photo: ukraine-is.comLake Lemuria near KhersonThis place is very attractive for insta-tourists - here you can take beautiful and unique photos. The Lemurian lake is located not far from Kherson, and the water has a wonderful pink color. An ideal place for a photo session at sunrise, sunset, and at any time of the day.Photo:

  • Mar. 17, 2021
  • Business
The Croatian government announced when the country will open the borders for tourists from Ukraine

According to preliminary information, the permit for tourists to visit the country will become active on March 31, 2021. We remind, that earlier another date was promised (March 15, 2021). Photo: travel-guide.suPreliminary, it states that the only condition for entry will be the presence of a negative PCR test, valid for 48 hours. If the PCR test was not carried out before arrival, then mandatory quarantine is required until a negative test result is obtained.Currently, the state is making a lot of efforts to make the country a safe tourist destination. Total number of vaccination doses administered per 100 people in the total population in Croatia over the past two months is 7,33. Source: ourworldindata.orgThe Croatia Tourism Association (HUT) has created a useful interactive map with marked active cases of Covid-19 to help you plan your vacation with ease. Source:⃝ Individual cases⃝ Individual hotspots⃝ HotspotsSource:

  • Mar. 16, 2021
  • Business
Croatia will open to tourists from Ukraine. What are the conditions for entry?

From March 15, Croatia opens its borders to travelers from Ukraine for tourist purposes !!!Photo: getyourguide.ruUkrainian citizens will be allowed to enter Croatia if they have a negative PCR test valid for 48 hours;As an alternative to a PCR test done prior to entry, travellers can have the PCR test performed upon their arrival in Croatia (at their own expenses), with the obligation to stay in quarantine until they receive a negative test result; All travellers are advised to fill out the form at ENTERCROATIA; Persons who have recovered from COVID-19 within the past three months are exempt from the obligation to provide a negative PCR test result and to self-isolate. In order to prove their recovery, passengers need to have a positive PCR test result or antigen test result, or a positive neutralisation test (NT) result obtained within the last three months and older than 14 days, or a certificate of recovery issued by a doctor. Self-isolation upon return to Ukraine: Not needed.Source:

  • Mar. 12, 2021
  • Business
Portuguese authorities relaxed the rules of visiting Madeira for tourists

According to the new rules, tourists who have been vaccinated and who have recovered from the coronavirus should neither provide any tests nor undergo quarantine.Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Madeira archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean has been considered one of the safest places in Europe. Despite this, the whole of Portugal is on the "red" lists of many countries, and tourists are automatically banned from visiting Madeira as well.Experts draw attention to the fact that the island is located more than 1,000 km from mainland Europe, while not a single case of the Brazilian strain has yet been recorded here, and in general, the incidence rate is steadily decreasing.So, over the past 7 days, there was an average of 54 new cases and 87 recovered per day.In addition, for now, 22 641 people have been vaccinated, by the end of the year, it is planned to vaccinate 60-70% of the population. Recall that before today, tourists arriving at Madeira airport with a negative PCR test, made within 72 hours, got to the island without any problems and did not have any more restrictions.Madeira is now ready to admit tourists vaccinated and recovered from COVID-19 without any further testing. To get to the island, tourists must prove their safe status with one of two documents:Prove recovery from coronavirus in the past 90 days. The document must be confirmed by the official authorities of the country of origin, indicating the name, date of birth, type and date of the test, specify the diagnosis “recovered”.Provide an official vaccination certificate that includes the dates for the two administrated doses. Be sure to adhere to the immunization period according to the producer's instructions for each vaccine.Source: turizm.ruPhoto:  and

  • Mar. 11, 2021
  • Business