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Hellenic festival - the largest event of the year

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  • Published Mar. 17, 2020
  • Updated Mar. 17, 2020
Greece ... The fabulous homeland of majestic architecture and the azure sea, unforgettable landscapes of ancient legends. It is here that it is better to come on a trip with your match, to organize a working trip or a business conference. But the best thing given to the world is undoubtedly a culture unlike anything else: literature, dancing, painting, and, of course, the theater, which became an integral part of the Hellenic life and occupied an honorable place in every large policy and even the smallest settlements. For every Greek, both small and large, Epidavros is not just the name of the village, or a point on the map. Its value lies in the fact that all currently known similar objects underwent complete or partial reconstruction, and the Epidaurus theater was preserved in its original form. This happened due to the fact that the place was covered with a six-meter layer of earth, which protected it from the influence of time.

Since then, a huge number of tourists visit the theater every year, because the spirit of ancient culture and the indescribable atmosphere of antiquity still live there. It is here  the Hellenic Festival takes place every summer. This year the it will last as long as 9 days, from June 29 to July 7. During this festival  you can see the tragic and dramatic works of ancient Greek writers.But you can see not only Greek actors here, because theater groups from around the world invariably come here to also show their acting skills on one of the oldest stages in the world. In the best traditions of ancient theater, the performances are held in Greek, and even ancient Greek, language. But this does not detract from the desire of the audience from all over the world to attend the festival, because true art has neither nationality nor language. Epidavros are required to visit, even if you are far from this type of art, as this is one of the few theaters of antiquity that have been preserved in almost original form. In addition, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. An additional atmosphere is created by acoustics, which adds to the representations of special uniqueness, because this is rarely seen now.In general, Epidaurus is one of the most recommended places to visit. At the same time there can be about 14 thousand spectators, and in the theater itself there are 55 rows in which all visitors can. Complementing this is the breathtaking natural scenery.