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Consequences of Covid-19: What are the requirements for event participants in popular MICE countries, as of June 18, 2020?

  • Advices
  • Published Jun. 19, 2020
  • Updated Jul. 08, 2020


The global pandemic has madecorrections to absolutely all areas of our vital activity, and especially to thetravel industry. How many companies have planned to hold their events abroad,how many people have stayed in the dark ... what's next? When can we visit thedesired countries? And the most exciting question: what requirements do thosesame countries put forward to the number of participants in events? But do notdespair! Indeed, this pause will make it possible to prepare for the upcomingevent even better and spend it simply unforgettable! And our team will help youwith this!

For you MICE Industry personnelselect and process information thoroughly on an emotional topic for everyone.We want to provide the most relevant data as of June 18, 2020, about acceptable number of people whocan participate in the event in the most popular MICE countries, whether itwill be a conference or a business meeting.

In Belgium from July 1 , it will bepossible to hold events with up to 50 people in the hall and no more than 10people at the one table. The distance between the tables should be 1.5 meters.All establishments will work until 1 a.m., so you will have an opportunity toorganize a small entertainment program. Good news is that Belgian governmentwill allow events with up to 200 people if the situation does not worsen.

Greece – one of the safest and mostpopular tourist countries has no limits the number of participants at theevents, the main thing is that the organizers should follow the condition – 1person per 10 square meters of space.

Bulgaria –  a neighbor of Greece, also hasno quantitative restrictions; the maximum occupancy rate of premises should notexceed 50% of their area.

Denmark on June 8  replacedthe ban on meetings by permission to hold events from 30 to 50 people indoorsBut if you are planning a moderatelylarge event in the coming months, then the countries listed below are exactlywhat you need!

Switzerland –  the Swiss Federal Council has allowedevents for up to 1,000 people.

The Czech Republic does not lag behind, inaddition to the MICE attractiveness, there is permission to organize massevents up to 500 people, and from June 22 this limit will be increased to 1000.

In Austria, events up to 100 people are allowed. From July 1, the permissible number of participants will be increasedto 250 people indoors and up to 500 people in an open air, and from August 1,to 500 people in enclosed spaces and up to 750 people outdoor.

Estonia is also quite promising interms of its level of safety.  At themoment, events are allowed, including film screenings, performances, concerts,conferences, fairs, festivals, but the organizer must ensure that the followingrequirements are met: follow the 2 + 2 rule (up to two people can move togetherand be on distance at least 2 meters from the rest), have disinfectants, themaximum capacity of the premises can be 50%, but not more than 100 people, thesame number of participants can be placed outdoors.

From July 1, the permissible numberof participants increases to 500 people indoors, provided that this is not morethan 50% of premise capacity, and not more than 1000 people outdoors. Rule 2 +2 and the availability of disinfectants remain unchanged requirements.

In Lithuania, as of June 16,cultural, entertainment, sports and other outdoor events can seat up to 500spectators, and indoors – up to 150 spectators, subject to all safetyrequirements. In addition, the organizers must provide a distance betweenpeople of at least 1 meter in the open air and 2 meters inside.

In Latvia, the holding of large-scale events will be available not soon. From June 10 to 30, 2020, 100 people can bein one place at the same time, if the event is planned to be indoors and 300people outdoors, with the condition that one person has at least 4 squaremeters of free space.

InScandinavian Norway, Iceland, as well as in Slovenia, you can organize events,conferences and exhibitions with the number of participants not more than 200.

In Poland meetings are allowed only outdoors and with not more than 150participants.

Moldova, Sweden and Finland  the governments allowed holding events with theparticipation of not more than 50 people in compliance with epidemiologicalstandards and the organizers obligatory compiling a list of epidemiologicalevents according to the model (name, surname, identification number, phonenumber, email address, home address).

In Finland from July 1, it will beallowed to hold mass events in the open air with the participation of more than500 people.

Unfortunately, not all countries canboast of negative dynamics of the epidemiological situation.

Serbia is coming out of isolation more slowly than the above countries. Sincethe end of May, the Serbian government lifted the ban on the meeting of morethan 2 people, and replaced it with a ban on the meeting of more than 20people.

A similar trend is observed inalmost all countries of the Mediterranean.

In Croatia, Portugal and France,events of more than 10 people are prohibited. 

Northern Macedonia limit the number ofparticipants to 5 people. 

Luxembourg, at the same time, to 6 people inside, andto 20 people - outdoors.

Countries with increased number ofdiseases, or had critical situation have tightened measures to weaken theregime.

In Romania, the number of people who can participate in private eventsindoors has been reduced from 16 to 8 people. All open-air gatherings – cultural, scientific, recreational, etc., and any other indoor events are stillprohibited. In the process of restoration, the possibility of holding privateevents with up to 20 people indoors and up to 50 people outdoors in compliancewith the relevant standards established by the Ministry of Health of Romania.

In Italy, Kazakhstan and Hungary, holding events is completely prohibited untilmid-August.

But do not worry that you have hadto cancel or postpone a long-awaited event in the desirable country because ofCOVID-19. The world community is making everything that possible to return our usualrhythm of life! Our team, in turn, will keep you informed of all events andchanges in the MICE sphere! Follow the news on our blog, as well as on ourpages on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, plan your future unforgettableevents using our portal and just make it easy!

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