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Requirements for event participants in popular MICE countries, as of July 09, 2020

  • Advices
  • Published Jul. 09, 2020
  • Updated Jul. 14, 2020

All of us, and especially those, who involved in the MICE and tourism sectors, are in a situation of complete suspense and despair. The situation in the world is not improving as fast as expected. In many countries, the diseases number on COVID-19 trend has reached critical levels and it seems that the end of the epic around the pandemic will not come soon. Where can we get a good mood if live communication and travel were replaced by participation in conferences and business meetings from the kitchen or bedroom of our own housing? To succumb to panic and apathy is very easy now. Isn't it?

But the MICE Industry team will not let you give up. Put the photos from past events aside, wipe away the tears with the sleeve of a business suit and start reading our posts. We assure you that not everything is as bad as you think. Useful, concise and up-to-date information on the latest MICE events is assured to you!

Not so long ago, we made publications on the requirements of European countries for the number of events participants. It's time to update the data, because the situation in the world is extremely changeable. We want our subscribers to be the first to receive news about the latest changes! So, we present to your attention a short list of quantitative restrictions on events of popular MICE countries in Europe as of July 9, 2020.

Slovakia – it is possible to hold events with more than 1,000 people, subject to the distance.

Czech Republic – the number of participants should not exceed 1000 people.

Finland – the room can accommodate up to 500 people, and outside – more than 500.

Hungary – up to 500 participants can be accommodated outside and inside.

Iceland – as well as in Hungary, the acceptable number of participants in the event is up to 500, but subject to a distance of 2 meters.

Romania and France – up to 500 participants only outdoors and with their fixed location.

Germany – it is allowed to hold events with up to 500 participants, but the maximum possible number varies from state to state – from 100 to 500 people.

Switzerland –  up to 300 people can be at the event in one place.

Montenegro and Norway – governments mitigated restrictions and increased limit of participants to 200.

Belgium does not lag behind the above countries, but with a slight difference: up to 200 people can be indoors, and up to 400 – outside.

Lithuania – in addition to quantitative restrictions, there is a requirement to keep the distance: events with up to 100 participants can be held inside, but the distance between people must be from 2 meters and more. Outside – 300 participants, the distance should be at least 1 meter.

In the Netherlands can be up to 100 participants in one room, but the distance between them should be at least 1.5 meters. In the open air, but with fixed places, can be accommodated more than 250 people, and with non-fixed – up to 250 people.

Bulgaria, Greece and Poland do not have quantitative restrictions, but there is a requirement for a certain number of square meters per person.

Bulgaria –  1.5 m2 per person, subject to a 50% occupancy of a room or place.

Greece – 25 m2 per person.

Poland – 5 m2 per person.

In Sweden and Slovenia – events with up to 50 participants are allowed.

Ireland – 50 people can be accommodated indoors, and 200 – outside.

In Croatia you can organize an event for 40 people.

In Lithuania – up to 25.

And in Portugal – up to 10.

Events are still prohibited in Cyprus, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Serbia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

As you see, the situation isn't quite as sad as it seemed at first. The willingness trend of countries to accept the business travelers is positive. So we all will return to the normal life very soon and finally, we will enjoy live communication at away events, as before!